I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes

natural birth Jun 04, 2021
“I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes”
My baby girl Poppy is now a month old, but I’m only just sharing her birth story as I’ve been in a whirlwind as a first-time mum. It’s a long one so grab a cuppa and get comfy. I hope my story gives confidence to any mamas still to give birth and who want to try hypnobirthing.
Poppy was born on Monday April 26 at 4:14pm after 18 hours of labour, including 6 hours of active labour, followed by 19 mins of pushing.
My water broke in bed on April 25 at 10:45pm. The midwives advised me to come into the hospital to check everything is ok with me and bub and that we would go back home. I wanted to labour at home as long as possible so this plan sounded good to me.
We got to the hospital at midnight and they hooked me up to the monitors. Unfortunately, they weren’t happy with bubs movements and told me I’d need to stay in hospital and they would...
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I was empowered and embraced my body’s natural ability to birth a baby.

The story of my 4th birth. 3rd VBAC. 2nd Hypnobirthing Australia hypnobirth. 1st Rainbow Birth. ❤
My birthing day arrived at 39+2 on Sunday the 2nd of May.
I felt a few gentle pangs when I woke up. Very easy, gentle practice contractions, no rhyme nor rhythm, far apart and very short. By no means labour. I enjoyed a big breaky of eggs and bacon on wholemeal toast (thanks Diabetes) and pottered around the house.
Around 7am I had a show and knew that I was going to meet my baby by lunchtime. With previous precipitous labour, I rang the hospital and despite no regular, long/strong contractions they advised to come in (we had an hour-long drive).
We dropped the kids off at mums and began the drive just before 7.30am. I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks in the car and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise coming up over the hills. The sky was really stunning that morning. I was so relaxed, calm and at ease.
At 7.55am, when we were about 15 minutes from the hospital,...
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Loved my birth 2nd time round! All thanks to hypnobirthing!

So this is a very very late post but wanted to share it because I just have such a different birth 2nd time round. I loved my birth 2nd time round! All thanks to hypnobirthing!
So I have false labour for about 3 weeks before bub showed up so that was a little disheartening. Husband got to the stage where he thought she was never going to come. I went 5 days early with my first So thought no way I'd go over. I went 5 days over this time.🙈 Anyways I had a stretch and sweep on the due date had small contractions for the next few hours then they went away. Come Saturday while doing book work at 12.50 pm I though hmm... that was a little stronger than the ones I've been having then again 11 minutes later. Decided I'd should time them and the next two came on 8 minutes called the husband, he said I've just got to start a few more pipes (cotton farmer) so no rushing for him plus he didn't think she was ever coming.
I Jumped in the shower and called my mother inboaw and said...
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There was our little miracle boy!

 ðŸ’™ Jack Oliver Van Woerden 💙
🗓 22 May 2021 at 10pm by c section
⚖️ 3.84kg
📏 52cm
📍KEMH, Subiaco WA
✨My Hypnobubs positive birth story (first-time mum)✨
We had trouble conceiving and tried unsuccessfully naturally for 8 months before being referred to a fertility clinic due to my age (38 at that time). After an 18 month roller coaster of emotions and 4 attempts we fell pregnant via ICSI using a frozen embryo. The tears of pain suddenly turned to tears of joy after watching so many of our friends and family fall pregnant.
I wanted to try for a water birth at KEMH Family Birth Centre but I went into this birth not at all married to my birth preferences, and fortunately, this mindset assisted me all the way through. Nothing went as planned, but it didn’t really matter in the end, as my little one arrived safe and healthy 💕
I woke up around 5am on Friday 21 May with period like cramps. I thought felt some contractions around 10 mins apart in bed. I...
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Not an everyday successful birth story.

Not an everyday successful birth story. But do want to put my experience there for other mums.
We had to induce the bub at week 38 because my HG hasn’t been able to give enough nutrition to the bub. My fundal height was really low and the doctor got worried. Bub born at 2.6kg so the doctor was quite right actually.
On the day of the induction, my cervix was only 1 cm dilated and it’s tucked behind the baby’s head which made the internal exam and breaking the water extremely hard. Thanks to Hypnobirthing, I was able to breathe through the whole thing. The midwife actually said I need to teach them how to focus and breathe and that my pain tolerance is incredibly high.
After the water break, started the drip and everything around 11:00 am. The contraction was getting stronger and longer with each dose increase. I managed until around 4:30 pm with visualisation and breathing, counting my breath and also used vocalisation when others start...
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We had the most incredible, empowering and perfect birth

We started our journey through Frances Perry private with Dr Sushen Naidoo who recommended that we do Hypnobirthing with Vanessa at Illoura Birth. We signed up not long after.

About halfway through our pregnancy journey, I had an intense intuition to switch to a home birth with private midwives. I loved Dr Sush so it was a hard decision but I desperately wanted a natural, Unmedicated and no intervention birth for me and my son. So, after a bit of convincing of my partner, we switched to home birth. We had the most incredible midwives and doula which helped make my partner more comfortable with the idea of birthing at home.

We had our hypnobirthing class which we both loved. I practised the techniques and recordings daily. I particularly love the tracks which I meditated to (and still do) daily.

George decided to come with no induction at 41+4 weeks. It was a 16-hour labour with a few complications making the labour longer and more painful than it needed to be. He wasn’t...

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It was nothing like what I expected but I found that I had every tool I needed throughout the process

2nd baby naturalbirth Jun 01, 2021
My baby boy was born on April 28th and it was nothing like what I expected but I found that I had every tool I needed throughout the process. I also found so much love and support on the Facebook page.

This was my second baby and I thought I knew what to expect. I did not have a hypno birth with my first son, but I had done a little reading on hypnobirthing and found that labour was actually pretty easy. Then there were complications that I was not prepared for and the whole experience ended up leaving me feeling like I had lost control and scared to repeat the process. So this time around I decided to double down and I found hypnobubs. My husband and I did the course and practices together, it was lovely and I felt so prepared and cared for.

My surges started the Friday before my guess date and I was so happy and excited. I felt this was really it so I called my husband and he called his parents to come down and watch our older son. By the time dinner came around they had stopped!...
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It was such an empowering, incredible experience!

home birth natural birth Apr 12, 2021

Born: 5th March 2021 

Time: 01:19am

Length: 54cm 

Weight: 3995g / 8.8pound 

Gestation: 41 weeks + 4 days 


We had the amazing support of a private midwife Meredith who was also our private midwife for Evelyn. I had a beautiful healthy pregnancy with no complications all the way through. 

I decided to do hypnobirthing this pregnancy as I found myself a little apprehensive about giving birth again even though I had a beautiful birth the first time - it was a very long exhausting 18 hour labour and I really didn’t have the mindset or breathing techniques to ride my surges. 

Hypnobirthing was honestly amazing and I would highly recommend it to any mothers who are pregnant. I learnt so much more about my body and the relaxation and breathing techniques are priceless and helped me so much in the lead up to birth and also during my labour and birth. 

We had planned to have Jack at the Royal Brisbane hospital again in the private birth...

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I still have this overwhelming feeling of achievement and proudness

gas gbs natural birth spd srj Apr 07, 2021

I can’t thank you and the hypnobirthing program more.

I was strep B positive, severely in pain since 25 weeks with SPD, SRJ and sciatica issues but with the mindset of a healthy and uncomplicated healthy baby growing till 37.6 had been in and out of hospital all week with reduced movements and low amniotic sac fluid.

I had done an online hypnobirthing Australia program and zoom call with my educator feeling so ready for a better birth than last time as I was still mentally coping from it. So having all the tools to just being more mentally prepared for staying in the right headspace for what was to come with GBS and thoughts of not being able to cope with movement. I really wanted to go with my bodies rhythm than a hormonal drip.

It was 11:30pm in the birthing suite I was told I was being induced for 6am I had the strip behind my cervix to prep it for the next day and sent to bed to get some rest after half an hour of already feeling surges that was managed by a heat pack I...

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Although birth didn’t go according to plan, we felt empowered in our knowledge of the birth process.

induction natural birth Apr 07, 2021
Sharing my positive birth story - even though it didn’t go according to plan!
I went into labour at 2am at 39+5. I could feel the surges getting more intense, but they weren’t getting more frequent. I stayed at home, using the shower, birthing ball, and touch techniques to manage.
After 24 hours, the surges were about four minutes apart and something in me knew we had to head to the hospital. Luckily, we’re in a small country town so the hospital was a two-minute drive away.
Once we got there, we settled into the birthing suite and I got in the shower, then the bath. Hubby set it up so it was like a sanctuary - my hypnobirthing tracks playing, lights off, electric candles on. I refused a VE as I trusted my body and thought I was heading in the right direction.
After about five hours, nothing had changed with the surges - they were still four minutes apart and no more intense. By this stage, I’d been labouring for almost 30...
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