My AMAZING Induced Labour and Birth Story

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019

I really just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your online course.

I successfully hypnobirthed both of my babies, the first was a 55-hour labour drug and pain-free and my second on Monday where I was induced via the drip. I had heard some truly scary labour stories about births that used the drip and if it hadn’t been for your course I could have been one of those “horror” stories. My doctor had never heard of hypnobirthing and was sceptical as was his student doctor that was present for the birth.

My labour time in total was 4.5 hours with an hour of that pushing my posterior baby out. I went from 2cm to 10 cm in 2 hours with strong regular surges and both the midwives and doctors were amazed at how calm I was and how quickly and easily things progressed.

I remember whispering “I’m going to start pushing in a minute”as I felt my body transitioning and the midwives found it great! As did my hubby as he had a moment to prepare...

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I recommend the Hypnobubs™ Online Course to everyone!

natural birth Jan 17, 2019
Hi Melissa! 
I completed the Hypnobubs™ online course and wanted to share our birth story. 
My birth was a straight forward and positive birth, which I attribute to all the positive affirmations I've was practising in the lead-up. 
On Friday night before going to bed, I had some niggles, enough to make me uncomfortable, so I stayed up and tried to distract myself with some TV. I let my hubby sleep and did not disturb him (who knew how long it was going to take). In the middle of the night, the surges intensified, and I decided it was time to start listening to some tracks and get in the shower. Stayed in the shower until the hot water run out :P 
I woke hubby up at 4 am, and continued to labour at home, getting in and out of the shower, finding a comfortable position on the bed, listening to my tracks and music, and having some naps in between. My waters broke at home and it was time to get to the hospital. Got to the...
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"My anxiety was the reason for a planned cesarean and your mp3s got me through" Adelle

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2018
I purchased your online c-section course and my husband and I spent many hours reading books and attending other classes on hypnobirthing this year in preparation for the birth of our first child.
I listened to your relaxation mp3s every day, multiple times a day towards the end of my pregnancy. My anxiety was the reason for a planned cesarean and your mp3s got me through the procedure. I don't know what I would have done without them. What's more is I had complications 3 days post cesarean and had to have an emergency surgery on my bowel. I ended up losing part of my bowel and now have a Stoma for 6 months.
It took 3 weeks of recovery in hospital and my husband, baby and I listened to Butterfly Garden all the time to calm ourselves and cope with the stress we were all under. I can't tell you the difference it made to listen to it whilst having staples removed (all 64 of them), while I was struggling as a new mum that couldn't hold her on baby etc.
From the...
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A beautiful birth story from a Dad's point of view.

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

On the 18th August, our little girl arrived.

Mum had been diagnosed with preeclampsia and cholestasis. So bub was induced by our very gentle Naprotechnology obstetrician.

7 hours of active labour later, little miss arrived, without crying, busily looking around herself, staring at mum and dad, and then feeding! She had her priorities!

We used the hypnobubs audio tracks through labour, and a TENS labour machine and Gas for pain relief, much to the Midwife's surprise, as she said most people cannot cope with induction without an Epidural.

We also had a professional Doula with us, which helped a lot.

The delivery ended up being Vacuum Extraction, but Obs was so gentle, bub had no bruise on the head, and mum had no tears and no cuts, no stitches.

We were very happy we found Melissa Spilsteds course, thank you Hypnobubs, we couldn't have had such a peaceful medical birth otherwise.

Hypnobubs Dad Kent

To find out more about our Hypnobubs® Hypnobirthing Online Course options for...

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"I started feeling pressure and a soft urge to push" Noah's Birth Story

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

Hi everyone. I’d love to introduce Noah born 9 October via a beautiful water birth at 38+5.

I know I was loving reading detailed positive hypnobirthing stories in the lead up so thought I would share my experience if only to encourage at least 1 person to want to learn more.

On Monday I started feeling a little “strange” I had a few Braxton hicks in the day and a little bit of cramping here and there but nothing consistent or painful.

While on the phone to my mum at 6 pm my waters spontaneously broke. I got in the shower to clean up and started getting a backache so the water felt nice. Surges started maybe around 7:30-8pm and we watched some tv for a bit of distraction.

At around 10:30 they started getting more intense so I put a towel on the floor in the shower to run water over my back and turned on the 'Affirmations for beautiful birthing' track when I suddenly threw up I knew it was time to go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital around 11:30 pm and had...

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My amazing midwife even said "Beautiful! Now that is how you birth!"

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2018

I had my first little hypnobub (third baby) on the 30th of August!!

My entire birth was amazing and the first time I went into spontaneous labour too! During labour, I used the breathing techniques, flopping/staying relaxed during surges and kept my positive affirmations going to keep focused. I had a little gas during transition but that was it. Bub was born in the water like my first two births but this one was so much less intense and I actually wanted to do it all over again as soon as he was born!!!! 

I also felt amazing after delivery. I had little discomfort and didn't need any pain relief which I again put down to feeling so relaxed during birthing and not tensing my muscles! 

I also want to mention that immediately after my son was born my amazing midwife simply stated "Beautiful! That is how you birth!"). That will stay with me forever....

My baby was also extremely alert and quiet and slept for 8 hrs.....

So thank you. This was the birth I needed. Now to convince...

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Our Beautiful and Positive Caesarean Birth Story.

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018
Just wanted to share with you my joy and happiness from finally having my baby and to express my gratitude to you for giving me the opportunity to have it in the best possible way.
The c-section was planned for 13th of September, but my baby decided to come out earlier. My membrane released during the night on 11th of September and we headed to the hospital.
Six hours later I cradled bubs in my arms. It was nothing like what I expected. The day before I was full of fear about the surgery and even that I could die and not see my baby.
But we all were calm and relaxed, thanks to the tracks. The staff at the hospital not only accepted almost everything on my preference list but said that they are offering most of them anyway.
My music was playing during the surgery and I got the baby straight out of my womb thanks to my midwife, who excitedly agreed to support me to do the birthing as natural as possible. The cord clumping was delayed not much but still...
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My 3 Hour Birth!

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

Lucy is now 3 days old and healthy and we managed to have the positive, natural birth that we planned for!  It was amazing!

After the Thursday morning assessment in which a new obstetrician was, unfortunately, pressuring me into a caesarean again (because of the high head and extra fluid and his past bad experiences with cord prolapse) I got to the point where I was at a loss for words having repeated the same BRAIN technique questions over and over and not being satisfied that all roads pointed to a caesarean.

Because my husband and I had prepared for this he jumped in and said we'd like a second opinion. I was starting to feel like every doctor would have the same opinion when a younger doctor said to me it's really good that I'm asking questions and self-advocating because obstetricians are risk averse due to the litigious nature of society and zero tolerance for unhealthy baby and mum outcomes. I said that's not a good enough reason for me to hand over/ not be apart of...

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"Hypnobirthing has given us an extremely valuable gift"

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2018
I’d like to share that my little hypnobub, Lucia arrived yesterday afternoon after an active labour of 2.5 hours.
These hours were spent in the birthing suite bathtub, correctly breathing and visualising. I managed to keep calm and confident and trust that my body knew what do to. My husband’s support and coaching were integral to my success. We worked as a perfect team thanks to following and engaging in the course together. My midwife commented later that my breathing changed as I started to bear down in the tub, otherwise, she would not have guessed that I was fully dilated. My obstetrician only arrived as my daughter was leaving the birth canal, as I was so calm and peaceful no one thought to call him in earlier to check my progress.
Thank you Melissa Spilsted for giving us the tools to achieve this magical birthing experience. My last labour left me in such a state of trauma that I never thought I would be able to have a second child. You have given us...
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"These techniques really work ladies" - Hypnomum Amanda's Birth Story

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2018
Hi all, just wanted to share my positive birth story.
I am a new mum and started the online course pretty late in the game at 37 weeks! I absolutely LOVED it and found I was looking forward to watching a new video every evening.
I finished the course and felt really great about my impending birth. At 39.4 weeks I went into labour at 1 am, I was so relaxed about it, I didn’t even wake my husband until about 2 am when I needed a heat pack. We stayed in bed counting surges, whilst I slept in between each one! I managed to stay home until 10 am before heading to the hospital.
On my arrival, the midwives saw how relaxed I was and opted not to give me an internal examination as they knew I really wanted a natural birth and they thought I was going to labour for a long time. Just over an hour after my arrival, I asked for some food and through a mouthful of sandwich told my midwife I could feel something... she advised me I was fully dilated and about to have my...
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