Lily’s birth was the most empowering, transformative and amazing experience

Positive birth story! ✨ (sorry for the long post 🤪)
8 days ago on the 7/6/21 my baby girl Lily was born (on her due date!) at 4:13pm weighing 4.014kg.
After a very long posterior (34 hours) and traumatic first birth with my first born, I was adamant to get the water birth I dreamed of and I have hypnobirthing and my amazing support team to thank for it.
So here’s how my birth story went... I woke up on my due date feeling perfectly fine. It wasn’t till about 11:00am that I noticed some super mild period pain twinges. I ignored them and went about my day. By about 12:00pm midday they started feeling more crampy (still mild but slightly more painful) and I decided to time them. They were consistently coming and going every 3-5 mins and lasting 30-50 seconds. It was then I realised I might be in early labour.
By about 2:00pm I was having to breathe through my surges as they had picked up in intensity. I was most comfortable bending over the birth...
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Oh, how a weekend changed everything by educating me!

I was made aware of hypnobirthing and did the weekend course when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I honestly thought I was too far into my pregnancy to do it but for me, this was the best thing I could've done.

Before the course, I was scared my anxiety would take over in labour and I didn't want an epidural as I wanted to be in control of my body. Oh, how a weekend changed everything by educating me! 
In the weeks leading up to the birth I read affirmations everyday, even making my visitors read one with me on the way out, and listened to calming music. I wrote a birth plan and visioned how I wanted my birth to be. My anxiety turned to excitement.
On 14th March, at 39+3 weeks, I had braxton hicks quite strong in the afternoon, I knew something was happening. At 5pm I started to feel tightening and cramping which was bearable. I rang the hospital about 9pm who advised me to take panadol and get some rest.
By morning the waves had gone but my show and plug had...
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I was excited but calm and so happy I trusted our decisions and my body!

I attended the Hypnobirthing course with Simone Hackett from Peaceful Birthing and I wanted to share my incredibly positive birth story with you. I used hypnobirthing techniques during my labour and in the lead up to my birth and I felt well informed because of the information in the course. 
My waters broke on Monday 1st March at 39 weeks +1 which I was so relieved about as I had horrible back pain and was getting impatient.  I had been drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating dates, expressing, bouncing on an exercise ball and spending time on all 4's to try encourage labour to start. 
We went into hospital and whilst they were monitoring me, the baby's heart rate became high and they began preparing me for a caesarean section.  Just as I was about to be wheeled into theatre baby's heart rate went back to normal and the decision was made to continue monitoring me.  I was on the CTG machine for around 7 hours while they were getting the right...
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It was incredibly informative and helped both me and my husband to feel informed about our choice

My name is Kate and I completed your hypnobirthing class online via zoom. 

It was incredibly informative and helped both me and my husband to feel informed about our choice and calm as the birth was approaching.

We had some reduced movement leading up to the birth and turned down two requests to have an induction as we wanted to give our little babe time to come on her own.
By the 3rd time we had been in, the doctor was strongly advising that we considered an induction. We went home and emailed our hypnobirthing practitioner for advice and decided we would book the induction.

We went into hospital to get induced and after two days of trying naturally bubs wasn’t coming so it was suggested that we have a c-section. At this time I was exhausted and was overwhelmed with emotions. The midwife was amazing and helped me to calm down. I went and discussed the options with my husband and mum, my two wonderful birth partners, and we decided that we wanted what was best for bub.


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Hypnobirthing was enormously helpful for such a positive birth experience.

Positive Birth Story ✨🤗💗
Been waiting for this post for a while! 🥰
Our sweet girl entered this world in the early hours of Tuesday 27/04/21, born at 37.5 weeks.
I completed the Hypnobirthing Course during the pregnancy and found it amazing.
My daughters birth was super quick for a FTM ☺️
On the Monday night I had my first contraction over night and then had a few more spaced out Tuesday during the day. I had a busy day! Went for a swim, had a midwife appt, went to the supermarket and cooked dinner. At around 7pm just after dinner, contractions started to ramp up. She was posterior so I experienced all the contractions in my back (ouch!) and the pain was unbelievable. I used a Tens machine from the beginning, walked around the house and changed positions frequently. I became uncomfortable very quickly and arrived at hospital at around 11pm.
At hospital I continued with the Tens machine, focused on deep breathing techniques and also used the shower. I...
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The surges were intense, however I found vocalising really helped, working and relaxing as much as I could for each one.

May 23 at 1:00am
3.8kg / 52cm
Natural, vaginal birth
We welcomed our sweet boy Finnegan after what I would call an extremely positive birth experience, minus some physical trauma discovered post-birth.
My entire pregnancy was considered low-risk, so I was lucky enough to be considered for the Family Birth Centre at KEMH. Everything was very straight forward, I had a very active and happy babe in my belly! At the end of my pregnancy, I had an appointment with my midwife at the 38 week mark, where my fundal height had increased more than what was expected. An ultrasound was arranged for the following Friday, and I was ready for the “big baby induction” chat. I had the ultrasound and the sonographer advised that his size was perfect, but my fluid levels were very high. I was whisked up to the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit where a Dr spoke to me about my options.
After waiting hours by myself (this was during WA COVID...
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Oh my gosh, these surges are the most beautiful and empowering thing ever.

18th of December. 40 weeks.

Millie June’s due date.

I woke at 6am after what felt like MJ doing a giant somersault and then some minor cramping. I got up, made my coffee and put on one of my many birth prep playlists. I sat and journaled to MJ (something we had been doing throughout the pregnancy). I had a feeling that perhaps she was on her way to us.

We had our 40wk appointment that morning. The midwife offered a stretch and sweep if we wanted to speed things along or to see if my cervix was ripe , but we declined. We left the hospital talking about the wild possibility of Millie not arriving for another 12 days or so, and a “just-in-case” induction was booked in.

That afternoon we had some spicy pho for dinner, took Luna on a sunset walk, did some perineal massage (Paz’s favourite) whilst listening to my Hypnobirthing Australia tracks, and other things that have been said to help induce labour au naturel

At 10pm as Paz was playing what we now know was his...

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My goal in taking this course was to have a drug-free birth that was comfortable. What I found was empowerment and encouragement.

I wanted to express my thanks for this program. Other women’s stories helped me throughout my pregnancy, so I wanted to post mine. Hopefully, it can encourage anyone whose pregnancy doesn’t go “as planned”.
I started Hypnobubs during my third pregnancy. This was a surprise baby and I was considered “high risk” from the outset because I would be 43yrs of age at delivery. My goal in taking this course was to have a drug-free birth that was comfortable. What I found was empowerment and encouragement.
My pregnancy did not go as I had hoped. At 21 weeks I was in a bad auto accident that left me injured and changed my prenatal plans. All the while I continued to repeat the affirmations that I had heard so often in this program…I am prepared to accept whatever turn my birthing takes. The affirmations and tracks brought peace and comfort when my pregnancy journey felt overwhelming. I completed all the modules, engaged in birth...
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I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes

natural birth Jun 04, 2021
“I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes”
My baby girl Poppy is now a month old, but I’m only just sharing her birth story as I’ve been in a whirlwind as a first-time mum. It’s a long one so grab a cuppa and get comfy. I hope my story gives confidence to any mamas still to give birth and who want to try hypnobirthing.
Poppy was born on Monday April 26 at 4:14pm after 18 hours of labour, including 6 hours of active labour, followed by 19 mins of pushing.
My water broke in bed on April 25 at 10:45pm. The midwives advised me to come into the hospital to check everything is ok with me and bub and that we would go back home. I wanted to labour at home as long as possible so this plan sounded good to me.
We got to the hospital at midnight and they hooked me up to the monitors. Unfortunately, they weren’t happy with bubs movements and told me I’d need to stay in hospital and they would...
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I was empowered and embraced my body’s natural ability to birth a baby.

The story of my 4th birth. 3rd VBAC. 2nd Hypnobirthing Australia hypnobirth. 1st Rainbow Birth. ❤
My birthing day arrived at 39+2 on Sunday the 2nd of May.
I felt a few gentle pangs when I woke up. Very easy, gentle practice contractions, no rhyme nor rhythm, far apart and very short. By no means labour. I enjoyed a big breaky of eggs and bacon on wholemeal toast (thanks Diabetes) and pottered around the house.
Around 7am I had a show and knew that I was going to meet my baby by lunchtime. With previous precipitous labour, I rang the hospital and despite no regular, long/strong contractions they advised to come in (we had an hour-long drive).
We dropped the kids off at mums and began the drive just before 7.30am. I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks in the car and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise coming up over the hills. The sky was really stunning that morning. I was so relaxed, calm and at ease.
At 7.55am, when we were about 15 minutes from the hospital,...
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