I am so proud of the birth I had!

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2016

Dear Melissa,

I have been wanting to write and thank you since the birth of my daughter on Monday evening.

I completed the hypnobirthing online course and I cannot thank you enough for offering it. I gave birth to my second daughter after 4 hours of labour in a flurry of excitement and joy. It is thanks to your course that I am able to describe my birth in these words as it provided me with the confidence, support and knowledge I needed to have a birth like this. The skills I have learnt through your course were not only helpful in the process of birthing but also in dealing with post birth recovery and in my wider life.

I am so proud of the birth I had and that I could completely horrify my husband by mentioning having a third child in the immediate minutes after bringing my daughter into this world!

Thank you for all that your course provided me with and I will spread your message far and wide!

Kind regards,


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The doctor and midwives commented to my husband that I was very calm, strong and relaxed

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2016

Hi Melissa and Hypnobubs team

We successfully used your hypnobirthing techniques during my pregnancy, labour and the birth of our daughter.

I had a calm and beautiful pregnancy and birth, and even think of the labour fondly. The doctor and midwives commented to my husband that I was very calm, strong and relaxed.

I would recommended the course it was a great way for my partner and I to prepare for the journey we are on.


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I was literally terrified of labor & your program took a lot of that fear away.

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2016

On the 18th August we welcomed our baby girl Sadie into the world. As a first time Mum and someone who was convinced I would never have children due to the fear of child birth, I can safely say my birthing experience was beautiful and I have Hypnobubs to thank for that.

I just really wanted to share with others how much your program helped me. I was literally terrified of labor & your program took a lot of that fear away. Now I look back on my experience with happiness & pride.

From the first contraction I was using the breathing techniques, which really helped but we didn’t use the program until we were in the birth suite.

Literally, as soon as my partner started playing the affirmations on our laptop, I instantly relaxed and it felt a lot easier.

I only used a TENS machine and gas and didn’t once ask for further pain relief, as I was too busy concentrating on my breathing and getting through each contraction.

A few hours later my baby was born and as the...

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The most amazing experience of my life!

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2016

Thanks for your online course. The techniques got me through my entire labour so calm and confident, the breathing and visualization helped me so much to labour at home without panicking or feeling overwhelmed by the physical sensations.

When my surges ramped up suddenly, I didn't have the time to make it to the hospital, and my planned VBAC became a HBAC assisted by my partner and two paramedics! The most amazing experience of my life!

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His head was born and I don't remember being aware of the fact that I had birthed the head!

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2016

Click the video to watch a montage of hypnobub Levi's beautiful entrance into the world!

Hi Melissa, I'm thrilled to let you know that another hypnobub is now earthside. I birthed Levi at home in water at 3am on Sunday, 14 August at 40 + 14. He weighed 4.89 Kg/10 lb 8 oz, 38cm head and 55cm long.

I'm so thankful for your wonderful online course, Hypnobubs, that I purchased through Perth Hypnobirthing (Pip Wynn Owen). I had met Pip back in 2012 at a women in business type networking group based in the Perth Hills. Little did I know that one day I would be in contact with her again to do the course myself. After having a chat to Pip initially she suggested Hypnobubs would be the best course to do as I had previously birthed and perhaps do a one-on-one session after I'd completed the course to work through any outstanding concerns. If you had told me back when I had initially met Pip, that I would one day hypnobirth my second baby and deliver him at home I'd say you were loco....

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It really helped me to have a positive natural birth experience.

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2016

After a negative experience in my first birth with severe pre-eclampsia your course equipped me well before the birth of my second son.

Gus was born on July 14 just after midnight.

I had gone to the hospital the evening before to prep for an induction as my BP was starting to fluctuate and i was 10 days past my guess date. My doctor was very supportive of a natural birth but we weighed it up and decided an induction was the best course of action based on my history.

Before going in I had been experiencing some cramping on and off all day. When I got to hospital this cramping became a bit more regular. We started to question what to do.

Thankfully or baby boy decided for us and decided to start making his move. I was so relieved to be able to have the natural birth I had envisaged.

I breathed through the surges for couple of hours in various positions -then headed into the shower while they filled the birth pool. By the time I got into the birth pool I felt the urge to start bearing...

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"A great course with practical skills"

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2016

Hi Melissa Spilsted and Hypnobub Mums. Just a quick thank you for the fabulous online course.

I used it as a refresher, having completed another course for the birth of my second baby (now 4 yrs old).

I particularly enjoyed listening to Melissa's tracks throughout the birth this time.

Despite having an induction, I felt really calm and confident, something the wonderful midwives and General Practitioner in my small rural hospital commented on!

A great course with really practical skills.

Thanks. xx

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We welcomed our 2nd hypnobub into the world!

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2016

Hypnobirthing is the best!

Two weeks ago we welcomed our second hypnobub into the world and had a calm, natural 15 hour labour.

The baby was calm the whole time and I was told that the atmosphere in the room was so calm that no one could tell when I was having surges or not :)

I used all the breathing, visualisations and affirmations from the hypnobubs online course and felt really supported and relaxed.

We spent some time in early labour walking around the neighbourhood block enjoying the night sky. I used a birth ball to sit comfortably and spent some time napping in between surges.

As the surges became more intense we went to hospital and my husband covered all the clocks, put on clary sage aromatherapy, put the affirmations around the room and turned on some relaxing music.

Everything progressed really well and my husband was a great support. I tried to breathe the baby down for 2.5 hours but eventually opted for vacuum assisted help because his head was tilted back which meant...

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"I did not have any pain relief"

Uncategorized May 26, 2016

I thought I'd share how hypnobirthing helped me. During pregnancy, I found the online course really helpful in reinforcing a positive mindset towards birth and to overcome my fears. Due to extenuating personal circumstances, my husband and I were in separate countries during most of my 3rd trimester & postpartum. The relaxation and breathing techniques not only helped me prepare for the birth but also in coping with a very stressful period of life. The exercises became a daily ritual for me that gave me an anchor to hold onto, and I looked forward to them, they also helped me to bond with my baby during the last weeks of pregnancy. When my husband arrived in Oz just before the birth, I gave him a crash course in Hypnobirthing and he picked up the techniques really quickly.
I started to get severe period-type cramps a day before my guess date and started using the visualization and breathing techniques to get me through these mini-surges. When the surges became more intense and...

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Hypnobirthing Prepared Me for a Positive C-Section

cesarean May 26, 2016

I'm a Hypnobubs online graduate.

We welcomed our son into the world 6 weeks ago at 39+6weeks via an elective csection as our baby measured big and I had extreme hyperpremises. The morning sickness that lasted all day till the minute his shoulders were born!
It had taken us 10 years of IVF and a long winding road of surgeries and shear despair to get to this. I was anxious in my pregnancy the whole way and Hypnobubs online course gave me the confidence that everything would work out fine and the birth that happened for us which ever way would be the right choice for me and baby.
I loved the course and it helped me choose the correct birth that our baby had decided for himself. The Hypnobubs course empowered me to ask for the birth I wanted when it was clear our baby wasn't spontaneously wanting to come out.
I was able to ask the team that I was the one to declare to the room who we had made when they lifted the baby out as we were having a surprise. We had asked for delayed cord...

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