"I was petrified of the labour process. I would completely break down, cry, hyperventilate..."

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2016

Hi 😊

I just wanted to share our positive birth story with other parents/parents-to-be.

My husband and I cannot express enough how thankful we are for Melissa. Her online Hypnobirthing course empowered us to work as a team and deliver our 1st child - a beautiful baby boy, Isaac - in a calm, relaxed and positive environment.

During the 1st and 2nd Trimesters, I was petrified of the labour process. I would completely break down, cry, hyperventilate - I was a mess! Mainly because I didn't want to have an epidural - and everyone kept telling me that I couldn't give birth naturally without one. This made me feel really disempowered. I knew I would always do what was best for my baby, but I wanted feel like I had choices in the process and wasn't just a bystander.

We started the online Hypnobirthing course in the 3rd Trimester. At 38 weeks, my waters broke at 9.30pm while listening to the Glove of Endorphins soundtrack! We went to hospital at midnight, 3 cm dilated. We continued to keep the atmosphere calm and intimate in the birthing suite - which included playing the Hypnobirthing tracks - which the Staff loved! At 2am I was 8cm dilated, attempted to have some gas, but by 2.10 am I was 10 cm dilated and needed to push. I found pushing to be challenging, but the moment I felt that I had nothing left to give, was the moment my inner strength flourished and Isaac was born at 3.44am! To feel him move closer to me and then come to me completely, was the most beautiful, incredible and amazing experience ever!

Thank you so much Melissa! Your support and encouragement empowered us to have a beautiful, calm and positive birth!

Best wishes,

Jen, Chris & Isaac

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