I was determined to have a natural water birth

natural birth water birth Dec 01, 2021

Mercedes' Birth Story 

Greetings! I just wanted to share my birth story with the intention that you may share to help someone else.

I was induced at 41 weeks with my first child and had a vaginal birth, my second child I was told I had failure to progress and rushed to an emergency c-section at 40 weeks, my third child I wanted a VBAC and I went into natural labor at 39 weeks, however, was told once again that I had failure to progress and rushed to emergency c-section.

With my fourth child we decided to set a scheduled cesarean at 40 weeks. After 3 operations I was told that any chance of VBAC was very risky and no doctor would approve.

I did my research and started a combination of hypno birthing and practicing healthy eating and exercising habits. I was determined to have a natural water birth. After 11years from my first c-section and 4years from my scheduled, I had a natural water birth in my own home at 42 weeks pregnant. I was patient and calm and comforted by my...

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Lily’s birth was the most empowering, transformative and amazing experience

Positive birth story! ✨ (sorry for the long post 🤪)
8 days ago on the 7/6/21 my baby girl Lily was born (on her due date!) at 4:13pm weighing 4.014kg.
After a very long posterior (34 hours) and traumatic first birth with my first born, I was adamant to get the water birth I dreamed of and I have hypnobirthing and my amazing support team to thank for it.
So here’s how my birth story went... I woke up on my due date feeling perfectly fine. It wasn’t till about 11:00am that I noticed some super mild period pain twinges. I ignored them and went about my day. By about 12:00pm midday they started feeling more crampy (still mild but slightly more painful) and I decided to time them. They were consistently coming and going every 3-5 mins and lasting 30-50 seconds. It was then I realised I might be in early labour.
By about 2:00pm I was having to breathe through my surges as they had picked up in intensity. I was most comfortable bending over the birth...
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I am forever transformed from this experience.

water birth Mar 22, 2021
I’ve been trying to work out how best to express my recent birth experience, I’ll keep it short but I honestly could talk about it until the cows come home.
This was my second baby, I completed hypnobirthing online for my first birth which was educational and helped me process on the day - I had an OB through the private system, it was a 21hr labour ending in an epidural and vacuum delivery.
Afterwards, I took a long time to recover and absolutely despised the childbirth process, I found it painful, exhausting, uncomfortable and awkward.
When I fell pregnant with our second I knew I had to shift my mind and change the way I thought about birth to be in with a chance to have a calm and physiological birth, so I redid the hypnobirthing online course once more.
Talk to me now and I’ll say that having my second baby, using midwife-led care through a birthing centre has absolutely changed my entire perception of birth. I CANNOT...
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I’m so grateful that my birth was such a positive experience

natural birth water birth Aug 20, 2019

My little guy was born 12 days past his due date, one day before the hospital had me scheduled in to be induced. At first, I was quite upset about the possibility of an induction, but the hypnobirthing approach helped me to let go and decide to calmly meet whatever path my birthing took. I was still keeping my fingers crossed he would decide to come on his own before then so I felt really positive and excited when I finally went into labour naturally.

I woke up a few times overnight with some lower belly pain and by 4am Thursday morning my surges were about 10-15 mins apart and uncomfortable enough that I needed to get out of bed. I spent the next 14 hours at home as they gradually increased in frequency and intensity, and I used a TENS machine and listened to the affirmations and meditation music while my partner timed the surges. 

When we got to the hospital the midwife in the assessment centre said something about maybe sending me home, which I was horrified by because I was...

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My Beautiful, Serene & Quick Water Birth!

water birth Jul 28, 2017

I had my baby boy yesterday at home in a beautiful, serene and quick water birth. I loved using my hypnobubs techniques. Thanks for offering an online course as an in person workshop wasn't a good fit for us. Thanks again for helping us achieve a beautiful and empowered birth.


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Enter the Fear Release track AKA best-thing-I-ever-did-for-my-body-and-baby.

big baby water birth Apr 18, 2016

 Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to give some feedback about hynobubs and my experience of hypnobirthing.

We loved the course!...

As a Midiwfe I thought the course was a good mix of clinical and non clinical info and didn't get too into the medical / midwifery side of things... I suppose I had quite high expectations of how I would manage both pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy was HARD for me and while I had times of joy especially when I felt my baby move and grew a belly, for the most part I felt sick, uncomfortable, very stressed and a bit low. I was working very hard, travelling and living away from home to work. This is where hypnobirthing came in.

My partner Brian and I signed up to Hypnobubs online course around 33 weeks - I wished I had done it earlier! Something that I hadn’t expected was that Hypnobirthing was as beneficial for me in pregnancy as it was in labour. Brian and I loved the couples bonding time together snuggled on the couch completing the...

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"We had such an amazing experience!"

water birth Mar 10, 2016

Hi Melissa,

We ended up having our little boy Vincent James Collins on the 24th of January, at home in the birth pool as we planned and we found all the hypnobirthing techniques were excellent throughout the birth. We had such an amazing experience!

Melanie, James & Vincent

SIDE NOTE: Melanie had earlier written in and provided us with some feedback whilst enrolled in the hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course. You can read about her hypnobubs journey HERE!

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