I am forever transformed from this experience.

water birth Mar 22, 2021
I’ve been trying to work out how best to express my recent birth experience, I’ll keep it short but I honestly could talk about it until the cows come home.
This was my second baby, I completed hypnobirthing online for my first birth which was educational and helped me process on the day - I had an OB through the private system, it was a 21hr labour ending in an epidural and vacuum delivery.
Afterwards, I took a long time to recover and absolutely despised the childbirth process, I found it painful, exhausting, uncomfortable and awkward.
When I fell pregnant with our second I knew I had to shift my mind and change the way I thought about birth to be in with a chance to have a calm and physiological birth, so I redid the hypnobirthing online course once more.
Talk to me now and I’ll say that having my second baby, using midwife-led care through a birthing centre has absolutely changed my entire perception of birth. I CANNOT BELIEVE how the birth unfolded. Trusting my body, releasing to the sensations, believing it was possible, natural and doable led to a 6hr labour, (3hrs at home and 3hrs at the birth centre) ending in a calm water delivery of my baby boy.
I am forever transformed from this experience. The recovery was rapid, the post-birth euphoria was unparalleled - thank you Melissa Spilsted for the resources to achieve this outcome.

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