It empowered me to make decisions and decline interventions I didn't think was necessary

I just wanted to share my experience with Hypnobirthing Australia. THANK YOU!!

I gave birth 3.5 months ago in the middle of the pandemic. We had planned a homebirth due to fear COVID-19 and at the time- not knowing how the virus was going to affect the hospital system in Australia. At 37 weeks - we made the decision to home birth with our group practice midwives. This was my second pregnancy. My first birth was through private obstetrics which failed us. A stressful delivery, no birth confidence which concluded in a NICU baby due to infant stress (meconium aspiration), and a domino effect of medical intervention including an epidural. This first birth left me with birth trauma, which impacted breastfeeding, and resulted in post-natal depression.

My second pregnancy I was determined to have a completely different experience. And opted to have give birth through a group practice midwifery. At 37 weeks, I started the hypnobirthing course, as I had decided to home birth and knew I wouldn't have access to pain relief options. At 42 weeks, I was still pregnant, and the homebirth dream finally ended. Thankfully the pandemic wasn't as bad at the time in our area and we went to the tertiary hospital to have membranes ruptured. Worried I would give in to intervention being in the hospital, I focused on everything I learnt from the hypnobirthing course. It empowered me to make decisions and decline interventions I didn't think was necessary. After membranes being ruptured- my affirmations began. And I was determined to make the 4 hour cut off, so that I didn't need syntocinon. I was in active labour within 2 hours. A few hours later, I gave birth to a baby girl completely naturally, birthing in the water. With zero temptation for any pain assistance. I have all the information I learnt in the course to thank for this incredible healing birth experience. I had the most positive birth experience, using my breathing techniques, positioning, affirmations and understanding my body- regaining confidence. And the birth experience has been something I am so proud of, which has had the most beautiful effect on the bond with my baby.

Thank you so much for the platform and course you have created. ❤️




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