I was determined to have a natural water birth

natural birth water birth Dec 01, 2021

Mercedes' Birth Story 

Greetings! I just wanted to share my birth story with the intention that you may share to help someone else.

I was induced at 41 weeks with my first child and had a vaginal birth, my second child I was told I had failure to progress and rushed to an emergency c-section at 40 weeks, my third child I wanted a VBAC and I went into natural labor at 39 weeks, however, was told once again that I had failure to progress and rushed to emergency c-section.

With my fourth child we decided to set a scheduled cesarean at 40 weeks. After 3 operations I was told that any chance of VBAC was very risky and no doctor would approve.

I did my research and started a combination of hypno birthing and practicing healthy eating and exercising habits. I was determined to have a natural water birth. After 11years from my first c-section and 4years from my scheduled, I had a natural water birth in my own home at 42 weeks pregnant. I was patient and calm and comforted by my husband and family.


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