Born really, really fast on our kitchen floor at 9.50am this morning!

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2017

Introducing Byron, weighing in at 3.86kgs, 51cms. Born really, really fast on our kitchen floor at 9.50am this morning. Wasn't exactly the waterbirth we had planned but we are ecstatic with our new addition.  

Here is my story:

I had been up since about 3am, the odd surge - irregular, fairly short, really easy, but mainly just feeling restless and uncomfortable being in bed. So I was pottering about the house, listening to my affirmations and doing some stretching, forward leaning and relaxing.

By about 7am things were starting to warm up so I woke my husband and we called my sister to come and get our 2 year old. He went at 7.30am, so I called my beautiful Doula Vicki & Midwife Malita to let them know that we were in early labour and thought today was going to be 'the day'.

Then we set up the tarp and inflated the pool, relaxed as, earphones in, surges still coming but didn't feel like we were in any great rush. 

At about 8.30am I texted Vicki to say we were...

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My partner & I took so much away from this course!

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2017

Before undertaking the Hypnobubs Online Course I had heard a lot of the negative/horror stories involving child birth and labour. Even during my pregnancy the amount of people that shared their stories with me was enough to induce fear. After researching the different courses and styles available we decided to undertake the Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Online Course. 

 The video sessions were to the point and gave both my partner and I the right amount of information to feel confident and prepared for the birth ahead.

The audio tracks and breathing techniques were invaluable throughout the first and second stages of labour and prepared me to give birth to our daughter naturally with no drugs or intervention. 

I look back on my birthing experience in a very positive way and I am very grateful for the preparation and tools that I learnt from the Hypnobubs Course.

I highly recommend Melissa and her range of services and look forward to doing it all again! 


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My midwives were very proud of the birth and were raving about it for a couple weeks afterwards

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2017

I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that I had a very successful birth of my daughter Bellarose .

I have enjoyed your online hypnobirthing course so very much. It has opened myself up to ways of dealing with pain, not just during pregnancy and birth, and ways of relaxation. It has just made me aware that birth shouldn't be painful, my body knows what to do and I should just listen to it, which is what I did. 

I had a very interesting labour - 48 hours of early labour; contractions ten minutes apart for two days was emotionally exhausting, but I got through it; and 5.5 hours of active labour. I got through it without any medical pain relief, and with the assistance of hypnobirthing, I had a calm, relaxing and positive birth.

I had a water birth and, something very interesting, my baby was born in the sac as my membranes had never ruptured. My husband watched the videos as well and he knew exactly what to do during the labour and having him there, encouraging me to...

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My first birth traumatised me... my second was a hypnobirth! Ruth - California, USA

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2017

When my daughter was born two years ago in Texas I had not prepared for the birth. I had a hospital birth with an OB, and didn't research any other options.

I did the hospital childbirth course, which mainly focused on the interventions that could occur and not how to cope with the discomforts. But I believed in my body's ability to give birth and thought I would cope fine.

For my first birth - while labor went fast and uncomplicated, the hospital interventions made the process more difficult. I was made to lay on my back with legs in stirrups and given local anaesthetic resulting in and episiotomy after 3 pushes. It left me feeling traumatised and abused.

When my son was born 5 weeks ago, in California now. I was much more prepared; I studied the hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course, listened to positive birth stories and planned a home birth.

William was born peacefully at home in the water 4 hours after I got into the tub. I only found the last hour challenging but worked...

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"I am prepared for whatever turn my birthing takes" Caesarean Birth Story of Baby Max

cesarean Sep 06, 2017

After watching the introductory video for the Online Hypnoubs Course – I knew that it was going to be useful.

I was fortunate to have a healthy normal pregnancy and the course – especially our visit from Nicole (our wonderful hypnobirthing practitioner) helped to allay the fears I had of child birth based upon the overwhelmingly negative stories I had been hearing all my life.

One of the affirmations I had on my bedroom wall during pregnancy was ‘my body has known what to do throughout pregnancy – it knows what to do for birth’. My husband Mark and I enjoyed using the resources and Nicole’s advice to prepare for an active Hypnobirth and when the time drew nearer we were ready.

I often fell asleep listening to the hypnobirthing tracks and I believe the message ‘I accept whatever turn my birthing takes’ became absorbed into me. Mark and I did utilise many of the hypnobirthing techniques we had learnt during the first phase of...

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"I Felt So Relaxed & Prepared For My Birth"

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2017

I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you so much for your course. I felt so relaxed and prepared for my birth!!

My water broke at 5:35am and my beautiful baby girl was here at 2:35 pm and I had nurses tell me they couldn't believe that I didn't make a sound and what did I do and I told them hypnobirthing!!

My nurse was wonderful and after I gave birth she said I didn't really believe in hypnobirth but you have convinced me it really works!!

I'm so glad I ran across your course & I couldn't have done it without you!!

Jordan, from Nashville Tennessee

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My Beautiful, Serene & Quick Water Birth!

water birth Jul 28, 2017

I had my baby boy yesterday at home in a beautiful, serene and quick water birth. I loved using my hypnobubs techniques. Thanks for offering an online course as an in person workshop wasn't a good fit for us. Thanks again for helping us achieve a beautiful and empowered birth.


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"It was the most amazing, enjoyable experience of my life!"

vbac Jul 20, 2017

I honestly had the best birth experience ever and am always wanting to tell somebody or whip out my birth photos haha

In my first birth we where bullied into an elective c section, at the time I was none the wiser and whilst I was so happy to have my son I was left with a huge hole in my heart for not having experienced a vaginal birth or even labour itself.

When we fell pregnant with our second son I hired an independent midwife and did the hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course and I achieved my VBAC.

It was the most amazing, enjoyable experience of my life.

I don't think I would have been able to have such an amazing experience if it hadn't been for the skills this course taught me and for the support of my IM.

The hole in my heart was healed the minute I held my son having achieved my VBAC.

I had the best birth ever!

Anna xx

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My Hypnobubs Experience was an AMAZING One!!

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2017

Thankyou so much Melissa Spilsted for putting together such an amazing course!

I completed the Hypnobubs online course and was so pleased with the depth of content and support the videos and tutorials provided.

We welcomed our little boy Jack into the world on Friday and the breathing skills learnt, combined with the fear release tracks helped immensely during a relatively quick and straightforward labour.

My hypnobubs experience was an amazing one and I will certainly be recommending the course to any friends or individuals I come across in the future!

 The course has inspired me to take up regular meditation, and certainly be mindful of the power of positive (and negative) thoughts. So thankyou!

We are so so in love with our little man! X

Ashlea x

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"I look back at the birth as an amazing experience and I loved every second"

cesarean Jul 20, 2017

Welcome hypnobub Vincent!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your amazing online course!

As a first time mum I started the course quite early in my pregnancy, listened to my tracks regularly and made my affirmation cards.

On the day my labour started I had zero fears and was excited to see what my body could do. My husband had supported me through the course and I had full confidence he would be an amazing support.

I ended up being in labour for 25 hours, focussed and calm in a birthing pool at my local birth suite. I was pushing for 5 of those hours, feeling no need for any pain relief.

In the end I was induced after 23 hours to try to speed things up. due to some complications I then needed an emergency cesarean- something that I would usually be so upset about- but as I was prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes, I didn't let that change my focus and my little boy was born into a peaceful environment.

The staff all commented on how calm I was through the whole experience,...

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