This was the most amazing birth, I had no pain and it was so easy and enjoyable!

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2017

I just wanted to share my birth story...a car delivery!

This was my second hypnobirth, my first was my son who was B2B but we had an amazing but long 28 hour labour so this was my bench mark!

On the Sunday I was heading towards 42 weeks with no signs. At 10am I had a show and what I thought were braxton hicks but they were happening every few minutes. My husband asked if I thought the baby was coming today and I said "Not a chance!".

I had the odd one or two more intense "braxton hicks' so I spoke to the midwife who said it looked like things were getting started. My friend suggested coming up to ours to look after our son for when things started to hot up.

When I spoke to the midwife during a surge she said they would need to be more intense and I remembered back to my first labour and agreed.

I was feeling no pain and was happily playing with my son and listening to music.

I put on the prompts for birthing and then heard a pop! My waters broke and I started humming and singing, this came out of no where but felt so instinctive!

The midwife said to come to the birth centre and my husband packed the car up. I could feel things were starting to happen but I still thought we had loads of time. I was so super relaxed but we didn't have time to wait for our friends to come over and watch our son, so we told them to meet us at the birth centre and he could go to thir house.

We all jumped in the car and I felt the surges happening more regularly. About 5 mins into the journey I told my husband I thought the baby was trying to come out and he said that he would deliver the baby.

All I remember was saying I wanted to get to the birth centre and have the baby in water!!!!

I then felt the baby crown and we pulled over just in time for my husband to catch the baby!

When we told my 4 year old he had a brother he shouted, "YES!!!!!"

We then drove another 10 mins to the birth centre where I delivered the placenta and we waited another hour before cutting the cord.

This was the most amazing birth, I had no pain and it was so easy and enjoyable!

I actually think the 4 hrs was too short I didnt get to listen to my birthing playlist!!!

I was so committed to my hypnobirthing practice and even spent the day before the birth in the waves visulising the surges.

If you can do this its so worth it!

Thank you so much Melissa Spilsted - this is the best hypnobirthing course out there!!!!!

Dylan-Rayne born 12.2.17

Annie-Marie, NSW, Australia

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