After 2 Traumatic Births my 3rd was a Hypnobirth!

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2017

My first baby was spontaneous, 19.5 hour labour, epidural, agony, vacuum delivery, jelly legs.

Second labour was spontaneous, 9 hours, epidural and a broken collar bone for my bub, epidural was done wrong and I required spine surgery and a DnC to top it off.

My third was a hypnobirth!!

"I was 100% in control and on top of everything"

I will admit I never did the sheets etc just watched the videos and listened to the tracks when I could. My plan was to labour at home then go to hospital at the end, stay mobile and avoid needles as they start my anxiety off.

I had GBS, then my baby became unwell so I had a emergency induction. I cried because my fear regarding induction as it's meant to be so much worse. I listened to fear release and got in a better state of mind.

"Thanks to your course that I'm already recommending to everyone"

Once induction started I just sat on the bed with butterfly legs rocking. I was 100% in control and on top of everything, even ate fish and veg for lunch (turns out I was around 9cm then) suddenly at 1.35pm things got to intense and I couldn't get on top of it.

I was to scared to get an internal incase I wasn't dilated as I was going so well, then suddenly I had to push. 1.46pm she was born!! All thanks to your course that I'm already recommending to everyone!!


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