"I don't think I could have done it without hypnobirthing"

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2016

Thank you for putting this course together; I found the tools and techniques invaluable when it came to labour and birth.

Mine took 12 hours, with half of it progressed at home in a calm environment, using the breathing and massage techniques learnt in the course. The other half happened in the hospital with only a little dose of gas to help me towards the end (I had back labour and could only stand up and sway for the whole time, but I don't think I could have done it without hypnobirthing).

Sasha was born on 14 Jan, delivered by two wonderful midwives, still in the amniotic sac! No tearing, and only two panadols later, we are all home and loving every minute of it!

I have already recommended the course to friends, and I hope they gain as much insight and power from it as I did.

Thanks again,


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"I have never felt such emotion pour through my heart..."

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2016

I purchased the online course as I was travelling abroad for 6 and a half months of my pregnancy. I loved learning about the different breathing techniques - they tied in very well with my yoga practise. I also loved the hypnobirthing tracks - particularly the positive affirmations one. I found the course to be very empowering and definately had a huge impact on my experience. 

Anyway a big thankyou for making this course available :) Here is my birth story...


I woke at 4.30 am on the 21st of January, after a night of strange dreams and unfamiliar feelings, I knew that you would be arriving soon. I could sense the shift, I quietly got up out of bed, trying not to wake your Dad and realised that the fluids protecting you in my tummy had started to leak. I was very excited and at the same time very calm, you were on your way and I treasured the moment. Your Dadda was stirring in bed and I told him we would meet you soon. He lay there smiling and wrapped his arms tightly...

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I am still raving about hypnobirth to anyone who will listen!!!!!

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2016

I think hypnobirthing is a genuinely beautiful gift & still encourage whoever i can (strangers and all) to do it!

I have a 4yo girl, and for her birth I only heard of hypnobirth too late to do the course, so I bought the book and CD which very much resonated with me. Until now I THOUGHT I'd had a great birth. In the labouring phase I was very in control & focussed, & totally happy to do as the midwife suggested. while I preferred no drugs, I was open to them if I felt I required them. It wasn't that I felt no discomfort, but more I felt completely in control of it with breathing, & with both my births the thought of pain relief didn't even cross my mind! (And in both births I was much further along in labour than the midwives thought, even the second one who was a hypnobirth midwife!!)

However with my first birth the midwife told me I was 10cm dilated and I had to push. I told her I didn't feel the urge, and she said I needed to. Of course things slowed a little and...

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"We have two hypnobirthing converts here!"

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2016

I would like to thank you for your course, I have now had 3 children naturally and it was only with my third birth that I finally decided to seek help as I was not happy with my previous experiences.

My husband was very sceptical and I had a melt down when he told me he didn't see how it could help, as he was speaking my fears, but I have now made him a believer :)

He couldn't believe how calm I was with my third birth and although I cant say it was painless and far from easy,  the breathing techniques and practice gave me a way to handle the pain.

I shocked the poor midwives and my husband when I had her in the shower (leaning over a birthing ball). I didn't realize she was coming till her head was coming out and they only just had time to put their gloves on and catch her; my husband almost had to!

Afterwards my husband kept telling me how calm I was and he was so proud of me. We have two hypnobirthing converts here. :)
I had a beautiful baby girl...
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"Our health care professionals assumed that I was not yet in established labour as I was so calm"

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2016
Hi Melissa,
I gave birth to my first child 3 weeks ago and we took your online hypnobirthing course as a friend recommended the course.  The online forum was great for us as we weren't available at any of the face-to-face course times. We were able to watch the lessons in our own time and it gave us the flexibility to watch lessons again if we needed. The resources and downloads were easy to access and save and they were very useful to supplement the information in the lessons.  
One of the biggest advantages of taking the Hypnobubs course for me were the positive affirmations. Before taking the course I imagined my worst case scenario birth stories. I figured that if I got off better then that was a bonus. After taking the course I started to think more positively about my birth and to picture a calm and positive birth story where I was at peace with whatever path the birth took. This was a very positive thing for me and the reality of the birth was much...
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"I feel really prepared and positive for my birth"

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2016

Really fantastic online course. Your positive enthusiasm, authenticity and openness really shines through and is appreciated. I really hope lots of people find it and use it. I have told all the pregnant ladies I know about it and they seem keen too, so I hope they sign up! Really good informative information, tips and very helpful. Good to have a lot of ‘tools’ available to use.

I feel really prepared and positive for my birth (I am at 39 weeks and 1 day now… so baby will be coming soon…). I have everything printed out ready to go, practising daily, relaxing daily (especially now that I have finished work yesterday) and I have a handful of natural items such as shells, gumleaves, gumnuts and rocks from nature that I am taking with me, with the music, aromatherapy, affirmation posters etc, I feel really ready. No doubt that doing this course has made me think a bit of ensuring I personalise my space at the hospital and make it comfortable for me. It has...

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"I have already recommended the course to several friends..."

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016

My husband James and I are still awaiting the Birth of our first baby (ready any day now), so we have completed all the (hypnobubs) classes ready for the day!

James works away from home, so for us, the flexibility of being able to do the classes when it suited us has been most important and is the reason we chose to enrol in the online class rather than a face to face session. James completed every class with me, and I feel that we have both gained a lot of insight into the way my body is designed to birth and it has allowed us to discuss and be really open with each other about preferences, fears and issues that we would never have even thought of, being first time parents. I have already recommended the course to several friends who are expecting and are a little more apprehensive about their births than I am. I get a lot of comments about how calm I am about the upcoming birth of our baby and I credit my attitude a lot to the (Hypnobubs) Hypnobirthing classes.

I believe the...

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"I had done it! I'd had a VBAC!"

vbac Jan 21, 2016

As far as 'inspiring stories' go.....

Our Hypnobub came rather quickly into the world on November 17.

After a fairly traumatic labour and birth of my first child (which resulted in an emergency caesarean) I was desperate for a different experience with my second baby. And I got it!!

My labour came on very quickly, going from irregular surges to surges every 2 minutes in about an hour and a half. Even during the chaos of telling my husband to go to work (because I’ll be able to manage today - surely they can't be real surges, right??), getting my husband to come home again within 10 minutes of him getting to work (turns out they were surges and we didn’t have ‘loads of time’), packing bags for myself and my toddler, organising a babysitter for her and getting to the hospital I was able to slip into a state of relaxation during each surge.

When we arrived at the hospital, our mid-wife (who was absolutely amazing and very supportive of Hypnobirthing) commented to my husband on how calm I...

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"I used the techniques at home during my labor and found they really kept me calm"

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016
I really enjoyed the course. It was great to be able to do it in my own time.
It really helped me in understanding the birth process and what my body was doing.

I used the techniques at home during my labor and found they really kept me calm. I arrived at the hospital already 7cm. I did struggle to maintain my relaxed state in transition and opted for gas to take the edge off the surges.

5 hrs after arriving at the hospital our little daughter Isabel arrived healthy and well. I had no stitches or assistance in giving birth which was a big relief.

For me the affirmations were the biggest help in the whole experience. They really got me through the pushing phase.

I was so happy with my almost drug-free birth experience.

Your course gave me the confidence to give it a go and see how far i could get and to go into it without fear.

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"I would strongly recommend taking up the offer of a private one on one session"

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016

Thank you!!

I had been contemplating doing a Hypnobirthing course for some time when you released the on-line course. With a toddler in tow, my Husband and I were finding it difficult to do the course in person, so when the online course was announced, it looked perfect.

By doing it online we were able to do the sessions when it suited us (often late at night over a cup of tea!), it also meant we were able to go back over any sessions.

This was particularly helpful, and reassuring, towards the end of my pregnancy when I felt I needed to 'recap'.

I was really happy with all the resources provided - I found having different options for the meditation tracks really helpful as it meant I could find one that 'worked' for me. I used the Affirmation track at least a few times a week and Glove of Endorphins every week. I had pre-eclampsia during my first pregnancy, so when my blood pressure started to rise towards the end of this pregnancy, I used the 'control room' technique from Glove of...

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