These Natural Birth Techniques Work! "Ed was born within an hour"

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2016

I had a real fear of childbirth, and so had been looking for calm birth resources from early in my pregnancy. I had heard of it and definitely wanted to look into it, as in many aspects of my life I believe I suffer from my mental state manifesting in me physically.
I live in remote northern WA so there wasn't any chance of me attending any formal classes so when I found your online course I was stoked!

I listened to the affirmations on my 20min drive to and from work each day and I have to say they really worked for me, calming my mind and giving me a real confidence.
My husband joined me in viewing all of the module videos and it really helped, having him understand what it was all about, and he was totally on board.

Most days I managed a relaxation session, and in the 4 weeks between finishing work and our little boys arrival I was able to re-watch all the online content again, and spend a lot of time preparing and settling my mind to a point that I was so excited for my baby to arrive, which I didn't really ever expect would happen.

Our little man, Ed made his arrival at 1:37pm on 23/11 after quite a brief labour, so much so that I didn't have a chance to use a lot of the items (essential oils, candles etc) and techniques I had spent so much time preparing!

My surges really kicked off at around 8am, and I was able to manage them quite simply with the surge breathing on a birth ball, bearing in mind we thought we were only in very early labour...
Living so close to the hospital, we went up for observation (everything was fine, but I wasn't sure my waters were broken) and were sent home to rest at 11:30am. I now know that as we left the hospital I was beginning to transition, as my discomfort was increasing and no position seemed to be quite right.

My husband was excited at one point when he noticed me "panicked" over one surge that just wracked my whole body and I felt an urge to push.
So back to the hospital we go at 12:30pm, where I had my first VE after which I was whisked to birth suite as it was well and truly show time!!
Ed was born within an hour, and it was such a fabulous experience. My husband was amazed at how calm and quiet I was throughout the entire labour, and I honestly think my mindset is what set me up for a great final pregnancy stage, a great labour and the awesome, relaxed little man we have with us now.
It also aided my recovery, as I did need a few stitches but I barely even noticed, as it had all been so brilliant. I can definitely see how a woman's mindset would have a significant influence on the outcome of their health, and that of their baby.

I can't recommend these techniques highly enough and have been telling anyone who cares to listen, so this is a long winded way of saying THANK YOU for providing the course, resources and the access to those of us that would otherwise miss out on the opportunity to have amazing birth experiences.

Thanks again,



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