The Hypnobubs Online Course Changed My Perception of Birth!

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2017

I had my ideal perfect birth of my second child because of the Hypnobubs Online course.

I was so fearful of childbirth after birthing my first child and I am so grateful to God for allowing me to find the course and Melissa's words and I brag about my birth!

It wasn't a fluke like the nurses claimed, it was simply that I felt empowered and prepared for the entrance my child would make into this world and life. My friends called me courageous, but I was just doing what millions of women have done before me, before we lost our way with over-medicalised birth became the norm.

My hypnobub is almost 1, his birth had such a profound positive effect on me that I would love other mothers to have a similar experience.

For my first birth - I had favourable circumstances arriving at the hospital. I was 9cm dilated and baby was ready to go and I stalled. I had no idea what to expect from my body and had so much gas I was disorientated and exhausted, ended up having an episitomy and...

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With The Support of my Husband, and the Tools from Hypnobirthing, I was prepared for anything!

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2017

Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to tell you (I'm sure you hear this daily) just how well your course got me through my child birth experience. We rode those waves for 6 hours of active labour all the time knowing that the doctors had made the decision to get our little bubs out of my belly via C-Section, which was something I had hoped not to have to face, but with the support of my husband, and the tools from Hypnobirthing, I was prepared for anything, and just kept breathing through all that came my way, and my journey was perfect because in the end I had my beautiful girl in my arms.

"We rode those waves for 6 hours"

I swear I didn't make one noise throughout the experience, it was incredible, I was very much in a hypnotic state.

Also, your course helped my husband and I to bond throughout this journey, we enjoyed sharing in the knowledge.

I can't speak highly enough to all my friends about the positive effect your support had on my experience.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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After 2 Traumatic Births my 3rd was a Hypnobirth!

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2017

My first baby was spontaneous, 19.5 hour labour, epidural, agony, vacuum delivery, jelly legs.

Second labour was spontaneous, 9 hours, epidural and a broken collar bone for my bub, epidural was done wrong and I required spine surgery and a DnC to top it off.

My third was a hypnobirth!!

"I was 100% in control and on top of everything"

I will admit I never did the sheets etc just watched the videos and listened to the tracks when I could. My plan was to labour at home then go to hospital at the end, stay mobile and avoid needles as they start my anxiety off.

I had GBS, then my baby became unwell so I had a emergency induction. I cried because my fear regarding induction as it's meant to be so much worse. I listened to fear release and got in a better state of mind.

"Thanks to your course that I'm already recommending to everyone"

Once induction started I just sat on the bed with butterfly legs rocking. I was 100% in control and on top of everything, even ate fish and veg for lunch...

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I started the course at around 36 weeks... My birth was LIFE CHANGING!

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2017

My baby boy arrived yesterday, I honestly can not thank you Melissa Spilsted enough for your online course.

I started it around 36 weeks.

The birth of my son yesterday was incredible! And I honestly know it was because of the skills you taught me.

"The birth of my son yesterday was incredible!"

My birth was life changing. The story goes - my labor was fast and furious, I actually delivered in the car on route to the hospital, my husband received him in the front seat.

I had the birth affirmations playing loudly in my ear, I did not once feel scared.

I feel so proud and amazed at what was possible.

We live in remote Western Australia. So he was born in the outback!

Can't thank you enough! It was everything I could ever have asked for!!!!!!



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This was the most amazing birth, I had no pain and it was so easy and enjoyable!

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2017

I just wanted to share my birth story...a car delivery!

This was my second hypnobirth, my first was my son who was B2B but we had an amazing but long 28 hour labour so this was my bench mark!

On the Sunday I was heading towards 42 weeks with no signs. At 10am I had a show and what I thought were braxton hicks but they were happening every few minutes. My husband asked if I thought the baby was coming today and I said "Not a chance!".

I had the odd one or two more intense "braxton hicks' so I spoke to the midwife who said it looked like things were getting started. My friend suggested coming up to ours to look after our son for when things started to hot up.

When I spoke to the midwife during a surge she said they would need to be more intense and I remembered back to my first labour and agreed.

I was feeling no pain and was happily playing with my son and listening to music.

I put on the prompts for birthing and then heard a pop! My waters broke and I started humming and singing,...

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I think my hypno-methods surprised my doctor...

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2017

The biggest thing I learned through the Hypnobubs course was to trust my body. I had an incredibly powerful birthing experience and am thankful for the techniques the course taught me.

While on the day, I didn't end up using any of the tracks, I powered through labour with the breathing techniques that helped me through the surges. I cannot stress how much simply BREATHING supported me through the birthing process.

I blu-tacked my laminated affirmations to the wall of the birthing suite. The midwives were so impressed with them that they are now a permanent fixture!

I was unexpectedly diagnosed with pre-eclampsia only a few days before my estimated date so I was very lucky to have the natural birth I wanted.

I remained active and focused during labour, which I think really helped speed the process along.

I laboured for only six hours, but afterwards the timing feels like a blur. My midwives told me that I was in the final stage for just over an hour. I barely felt pain during this...

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My beautiful hypnobirth story and video!

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2017

Hi everyone! I'd love to share the hypnobubs birth story of our second baby boy, born at home on the 17th Dec 2016 at 3:16am, weighing 3.59kg & 53cm long


During my first pregnancy, my membranes released at 39+5 & after 36 hours my surges still hadn't established so we agreed to an induction. After 10 hours of intense (9-10/10) surges I finally birthed our first son standing, into my husband's hands. It was an empowering experience but I did carry a lot of fear into that birth & I really hoped to avoid being induced next time & would love to birth at home if possible.

I found the hypnobubs course to be the best preparation in this second pregnancy. It took a lot of work for me to put societies fears about birth (& home birth especially) aside. Listening to the tracks & practicing the breathing & visualisation techniques before bed was so helpful in relaxing & letting my fears go!

So at 40+4 weeks, I woke up at 7am &...

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Thanks so much for the support and program, it's been invaluable!!

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2017

Introducing Hollie!

Born 26.12.16 weighing 8lb 9oz.

Unfortunately she had meconium so once my waters broke I had to be induced rather quickly. She was forceps delivered and I had to have an episiotomy as she was positioned oddly and needed to be delivered asap.

I listened to Melissa Spilsted (hypnobubs tracks) and made sure I was relaxed throughout the process, calmly meeting the path my birth needed to take.  

Thanks so much for the support and program, it's been invaluable!! 

Hannah xx

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Thanks for enabling those who live in the country access to the online option!

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2017

Oliver - born at home on Dec 6th in the birth pool.

Thank you, Melissa for enabling those of us who live in country Australia to have access to your course via the online option.

It was such a valuable tool for us during pregnancy and birth.

Oliver at 6 days new...

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Hypnobubs helped me despite the 'curve balls' I was thrown!

cesarean Feb 08, 2017

My baby arrived on his "due date" at 12.50am on Nov 30th.

Ultimately everything that we didn't want to happen - did happen - but all I feel from my experience is happiness and positivity!

We are completely in awe of our amazing little guy and going through the entire labour process has not only shown me how amazing our bodies are, but also taught me that babies will do what they want most of the time, which usually isn't to "our plan"!

Both my husband and I watched all the videos and I used the relaxations and affirmations throughout my pregnancy. I'm a naturopath and I had a great healthy pregnancy, I enjoyed it a lot and only felt uncomfortable in the last weeks. I was always on top of my health as much as I could be and was even hiking at 33 weeks! I never had any growth scans (just the 12 weeks and 19 weeks scans) and was only seen by midwives. Fundal height always measured a week or two ahead but we weren't worried. Both my husband and I researched everything regarding...

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