I think my hypno-methods surprised my doctor...

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2017

The biggest thing I learned through the Hypnobubs course was to trust my body. I had an incredibly powerful birthing experience and am thankful for the techniques the course taught me.

While on the day, I didn't end up using any of the tracks, I powered through labour with the breathing techniques that helped me through the surges. I cannot stress how much simply BREATHING supported me through the birthing process.

I blu-tacked my laminated affirmations to the wall of the birthing suite. The midwives were so impressed with them that they are now a permanent fixture!

I was unexpectedly diagnosed with pre-eclampsia only a few days before my estimated date so I was very lucky to have the natural birth I wanted.

I remained active and focused during labour, which I think really helped speed the process along.

I laboured for only six hours, but afterwards the timing feels like a blur. My midwives told me that I was in the final stage for just over an hour. I barely felt pain during this stage (it was the beginning stages of labour I found more difficult!) and my mind and body completely took over.

It honestly was a primal experience, and while I was so intently focused internally, I also felt hyper-aware of everything going on around me...including the midwives slightly panicked whispers about getting my baby out quickly!

I beared down with a force I never knew existed within me. I felt calm, but incredibly sharp the entire time but I trusted my body, my baby and my midwives and we got my beautiful baby girl out safely and quickly...while squatting on the floor.

A funny moment I remember was one of the midwives encouraging me to look in the mirror she placed so I could see my baby’s head. At first I silently refused, but she prompted again: ‘C’mon, have a look! It’s on your birth preferences.’ I remember grunting something along the line of ‘No, thanks’ because I was so in the ‘zone’ that I felt the distraction of pausing to view my baby’s head entering the world would break my intense concentration.

I don’t regret that decision, but it illustrates the fact that what you *think* you will want to do during the birth, may change when it is actually happening.

My doctor was impressed with the power of gravity and the natural process. I was lucky to birth in a well-resourced small country hospital...but I think my hypno-methods surprised my doctor. I remember him saying to me while he was stitching me up, 'You looked like you were made the give birth'. How funny! Yes, I would argue that ALL women are...We women are pretty powerful beasts!

I am so pleased that I was able to give birth to my beautiful baby girl, Leonie, named after my late mother, a mere few hours before her “expected” date of arrival ...and I’m ready to do it all over again!


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