I am so proud of the birth I had!

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2016

Dear Melissa,

I have been wanting to write and thank you since the birth of my daughter on Monday evening.

I completed the hypnobirthing online course and I cannot thank you enough for offering it. I gave birth to my second daughter after 4 hours of labour in a flurry of excitement and joy. It is thanks to your course that I am able to describe my birth in these words as it provided me with the confidence, support and knowledge I needed to have a birth like this. The skills I have learnt through your course were not only helpful in the process of birthing but also in dealing with post birth recovery and in my wider life.

I am so proud of the birth I had and that I could completely horrify my husband by mentioning having a third child in the immediate minutes after bringing my daughter into this world!

Thank you for all that your course provided me with and I will spread your message far and wide!

Kind regards,



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