My beautiful hypnobirth story and video!

Hi everyone! I'd love to share the hypnobubs birth story of our second baby boy, born at home on the 17th Dec 2016 at 3:16am, weighing 3.59kg & 53cm long 💙


During my first pregnancy, my membranes released at 39+5 & after 36 hours my surges still hadn't established so we agreed to an induction. After 10 hours of intense (9-10/10) surges I finally birthed our first son standing, into my husband's hands. It was an empowering experience but I did carry a lot of fear into that birth & I really hoped to avoid being induced next time & would love to birth at home if possible.

I found the hypnobubs course to be the best preparation in this second pregnancy. It took a lot of work for me to put societies fears about birth (& home birth especially) aside. Listening to the tracks & practicing the breathing & visualisation techniques before bed was so helpful in relaxing & letting my fears go!

So at 40+4 weeks, I woke up at 7am & immediately started having very mild (1-2/10) surges every 5 minutes that continued all day & into that evening. I was so happy my membranes were intact & my surges had started on their own, I was really enjoying them & visualised my cervix opening with each one. By 9pm I was pretty tired so decided to head to bed for a rest then at roughly 2am I noticed pain in my lower back even between surges so thought I'd see if a hot shower would help...well all of a sudden in the shower I had 3 much stronger surges on top of each other so I hopped out & then on the next surge my membranes released & I could feel my baby start to move down!

We quickly called our midwife, doula & photographer and they all arrived just 15 minutes before our baby boy was born! It is truly amazing what our bodies can do when we relax & breathe through our surges instead of resisting them. 

 All women need access to great childbirth education & Hypnobirthing. It makes all the difference!