I started the course at around 36 weeks... My birth was LIFE CHANGING!

My baby boy arrived yesterday, I honestly can not thank you Melissa Spilsted enough for your online course.

I started it around 36 weeks.

The birth of my son yesterday was incredible! And I honestly know it was because of the skills you taught me.

"The birth of my son yesterday was incredible!"

My birth was life changing. The story goes - my labor was fast and furious, I actually delivered in the car on route to the hospital, my husband received him in the front seat.

I had the birth affirmations playing loudly in my ear, I did not once feel scared.

I feel so proud and amazed at what was possible.

We live in remote Western Australia. So he was born in the outback!

Can't thank you enough! It was everything I could ever have asked for!!!!!!



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