“Looking back now, our birth was near perfect"

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2016

Matthew and I used the online Hypnobubs course in preparation for our daughters birth back in November. We had a baby girl, Isla Rose, born November 28th 2015, at St Vincent's Private Hospital, Fitzroy, Melbourne. We did Hypnobubs and had a natural birth.

I would firstly like to say a big thank you for creating the online course. I had heard the term Hypnobirthing before and during my early pregnancy, but it wasn't until a midwife at the hospital highly recommended the course, saying she thought it would really suit us, that I looked into it more. We would have done a course in person at the hospital, but we couldn't make the dates. It was getting late in our pregnancy so we didn't have many options. When I read about your online course on the website, it felt like the best way to go!

I felt the course made me much more relaxed thinking about the birth. We both used the positive words like "surge" in talking about it, and chose to take the fear out of it. We both agreed knowledge is power, and I loved hearing about the history of women in childbirth. I had been doing a regular Yoga class since about 14 weeks pregnant and continued to 38 weeks. I also walked and did Pilates most weeks. My husband and I ate (and still do) healthily. My husband is a Marathon runner and has become very conscious about healthy eating and proper fuel for the body. (He also is a great cook!)

After doing the Hypnobubs course, we had a one on one session with Karen McNeil which was great. It helped to talk in person about a few things, do a release track together, and we liked that she was a midwife at our Hospital so we could clarify how much instruction we needed to give the hospital regarding hypnobirthing. I listened to the relaxation tracks daily.

Thanks again for the course, it really was an important part of our preparation in many ways. I think it's so important for women entering childbirth to be given knowledge and more control. I really dislike peoples comments like "Just take the drugs!" and had to ignore them and walk away from conversations like that. I felt safe knowing that medical help was there if I needed it, but loved that I could and was able to birth very naturally.

Looking back now, our birth was near perfect.


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