Not an everyday successful birth story.

epidural hg induction tens machine
Not an everyday successful birth story. But do want to put my experience there for other mums.
We had to induce the bub at week 38 because my HG hasn’t been able to give enough nutrition to the bub. My fundal height was really low and the doctor got worried. Bub born at 2.6kg so the doctor was quite right actually.
On the day of the induction, my cervix was only 1 cm dilated and it’s tucked behind the baby’s head which made the internal exam and breaking the water extremely hard. Thanks to Hypnobirthing, I was able to breathe through the whole thing. The midwife actually said I need to teach them how to focus and breathe and that my pain tolerance is incredibly high.
After the water break, started the drip and everything around 11:00 am. The contraction was getting stronger and longer with each dose increase. I managed until around 4:30 pm with visualisation and breathing, counting my breath and also used vocalisation when others start to fail. I also had a TENs machine which is great. At that point, however, sometimes, 2-3 contractions started to come one after another with no breaks while they still haven’t reached the interval desired. I made the decision for epi.
I was glad with my decision for Epi cause I was only fully dilated around 10:30pm. I know even if I can make that far, I won’t have any strength left for the pushing.
My Epi was great in stage 1 but after compare notes with other mums, I realise my Epi was pretty light and I felt bloody almost everything in my pushing. 😢 I knew exactly when it’s contracting and it was really intense. After 2 hrs of pushing and an episiotomy, baby’s finally out.
It was traumatising and exhausting especially after 8 months of HG. But I’m glad with all the decisions I made during the labour.
I just hope all the Hypnobirthing mums to see, while it is great to aim for a full nature birth and it’s a beautiful thing. And I’m sure Hypnobirthing would have worked in most of the people. But don’t be afraid to make the decision for intervention. They are there to help as well. Sometimes, they are a necessity. I’m sincerely glad that I made the max effort I can and I’m glad that I asked for help when I did.