An awesome birth story to share!!!!

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2015

I wanted to share this wonderful and inspiring birth story with you.

I received a message from Hypnobubs online course participant, Nimity. She said,

"Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

I birthed our sweet baby boy at home at 5:15am yesterday after a 3hr labour, it was amazing!

I'd prepped with your online course and found it invaluable to really relax and get into my own little sanctuary and when the time came your voice and words were so soothing.

You know the amazing part? Our son was 4.95kg (almost 11pounds!) - no tearing thanks to our wonderful midwives and controlled, relaxed breathing (thanks hypnobirthing!).

We are all so elated and thrilled to have experienced such a brilliant birth at home for baby #3 "

Hypnobubs mama, Nimity

Pretty awesome story, huh?

What difference the right mindset, support, knowledge, tools and preparation can make. ;)

I can't wait to hear YOUR awesome birth story, next!

Please keep in touch.

Melissa x

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Some homework tips for the busy mama!

Hello Super Hypnobirther!

Life can get busy, can't it? How are you keeping up with the course?

If you have been busy and are feeling worried that you're not practicing enough - then I've got some little tips for you to help you keep your 'homework regime' on track.

1) You can listen to your affirmations at any time, even when driving or doing something else (but remember that you can't listen to any of the other relaxation tracks when driving, though!). Play your Affirmations track when cleaning, showering/bathing or when travelling. Take every opportunity to inundate your subconscious with positive messages.

2) Stick your visualisations, Affirmations Project or any other handouts that are useful up on your fridge or bathroom mirror. This way you are seeing them regularly!

3) Attach your Breathing/Bearing Down Poster to the back of the bathroom door.

4) Get into a routine of practicing your breathing before you get up in the morning and before you go to sleep. Let your pillow be your...

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