"I have already recommended the course to several friends..."

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016

My husband James and I are still awaiting the Birth of our first baby (ready any day now), so we have completed all the (hypnobubs) classes ready for the day!

James works away from home, so for us, the flexibility of being able to do the classes when it suited us has been most important and is the reason we chose to enrol in the online class rather than a face to face session. James completed every class with me, and I feel that we have both gained a lot of insight into the way my body is designed to birth and it has allowed us to discuss and be really open with each other about preferences, fears and issues that we would never have even thought of, being first time parents. I have already recommended the course to several friends who are expecting and are a little more apprehensive about their births than I am. I get a lot of comments about how calm I am about the upcoming birth of our baby and I credit my attitude a lot to the (Hypnobubs) Hypnobirthing classes.

I believe the...

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"I had done it! I'd had a VBAC!"

vbac Jan 21, 2016

As far as 'inspiring stories' go.....

Our Hypnobub came rather quickly into the world on November 17.

After a fairly traumatic labour and birth of my first child (which resulted in an emergency caesarean) I was desperate for a different experience with my second baby. And I got it!!

My labour came on very quickly, going from irregular surges to surges every 2 minutes in about an hour and a half. Even during the chaos of telling my husband to go to work (because I’ll be able to manage today - surely they can't be real surges, right??), getting my husband to come home again within 10 minutes of him getting to work (turns out they were surges and we didn’t have ‘loads of time’), packing bags for myself and my toddler, organising a babysitter for her and getting to the hospital I was able to slip into a state of relaxation during each surge.

When we arrived at the hospital, our mid-wife (who was absolutely amazing and very supportive of Hypnobirthing) commented to my husband on how calm I...

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"I used the techniques at home during my labor and found they really kept me calm"

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016
I really enjoyed the course. It was great to be able to do it in my own time.
It really helped me in understanding the birth process and what my body was doing.

I used the techniques at home during my labor and found they really kept me calm. I arrived at the hospital already 7cm. I did struggle to maintain my relaxed state in transition and opted for gas to take the edge off the surges.

5 hrs after arriving at the hospital our little daughter Isabel arrived healthy and well. I had no stitches or assistance in giving birth which was a big relief.

For me the affirmations were the biggest help in the whole experience. They really got me through the pushing phase.

I was so happy with my almost drug-free birth experience.

Your course gave me the confidence to give it a go and see how far i could get and to go into it without fear.

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"I would strongly recommend taking up the offer of a private one on one session"

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016

Thank you!!

I had been contemplating doing a Hypnobirthing course for some time when you released the on-line course. With a toddler in tow, my Husband and I were finding it difficult to do the course in person, so when the online course was announced, it looked perfect.

By doing it online we were able to do the sessions when it suited us (often late at night over a cup of tea!), it also meant we were able to go back over any sessions.

This was particularly helpful, and reassuring, towards the end of my pregnancy when I felt I needed to 'recap'.

I was really happy with all the resources provided - I found having different options for the meditation tracks really helpful as it meant I could find one that 'worked' for me. I used the Affirmation track at least a few times a week and Glove of Endorphins every week. I had pre-eclampsia during my first pregnancy, so when my blood pressure started to rise towards the end of this pregnancy, I used the 'control room' technique from Glove of...

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"She could not believe that I could look so calm and peaceful and be ready to push"

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016

I was a participant of the online Hypnobubs course and I loved it! I live in a rural country town so I had no access to face-to-face hypnobirthing courses, so it was great to be able to learn about hypnobirthing and learn all the tools and techniques online, in the comfort of my own home. My husband and I viewed the lessons weekly, and we both felt very informed, confident and excited about the upcoming birth. I downloaded the tracks and listened to them regularly, which I definitely felt helped. So did the breathing down technique to practice while on the loo - haha!

On the night of Sunday the 18th October 2015, I began to feel a lot of pressure in my back and around my stomach and uterus. These became more regular and so on Monday morning we called the hospital who told us, as we were coping fine at home, to take our time and come in when we were ready. When we arrived at the hospital the doctor broke my waters in order to help move things along (I knew from the hypnobubs course...

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"Such a beautiful, different experience to my first"

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2016

Just wanted to thankyou for your hypnobirth course.

My hypno baby was born 8 weeks ago. I had a magical birth experience and as this birth was drug free I can remember everything, especially the moment when my beautiful baby slid up my chest.

Using the hypno techniques I was relaxed and didn't realise how far I was into labor until my partner pointed out that my surges were 3 minutes apart and lasting for two minutes.

I continued these techniques at the hospital in the birthing pool using your tracks in a dimly lit room with aromatherapy.

Such a beautiful, different experience to my first, as was trusting my body to know what to do.

Thank you, it was exactly the experience we were hoping for and I strongly believe that's why my baby is so chilled and happy.


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"A really positive birth despite a twist in the plot"

cesarean Jan 21, 2016

I wanted to share my birth story as it was not what I had expected and thanks to Hypnobubs we were able to have a really positive birth despite a twist in the plot.

At 1:49am Saturday 12th December, Felicity Nanette came into the world via emergency C-section.

My waters broke just before 1:30am the previous morning after I got up to go to the loo. My husband and I live 130km from town so we rang the hospital and packed our bags then headed into town. I was confused at first that I didn't seem to be having surged, thinking if your membranes released that meant you were in labour. My amazing body was working on dilating my cervix before I went into labour and I was 4cm when I started labouring around 12:30pm. I used aromatherapy, acupressure and all the other hypnobirthing tips and tricks to help my body go into labour on its own and was very glad I didn't need to be induced. At 4pm we were admitted to the hospital. I used the TENS machine to help with my discomfit and later used a...

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These Natural Birth Techniques Work! "Ed was born within an hour"

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2016

I had a real fear of childbirth, and so had been looking for calm birth resources from early in my pregnancy. I had heard of it and definitely wanted to look into it, as in many aspects of my life I believe I suffer from my mental state manifesting in me physically.
I live in remote northern WA so there wasn't any chance of me attending any formal classes so when I found your online course I was stoked!

I listened to the affirmations on my 20min drive to and from work each day and I have to say they really worked for me, calming my mind and giving me a real confidence.
My husband joined me in viewing all of the module videos and it really helped, having him understand what it was all about, and he was totally on board.

Most days I managed a relaxation session, and in the 4 weeks between finishing work and our little boys arrival I was able to re-watch all the online content again, and spend a lot of time preparing and settling my mind to a point that I was so excited for my baby to...

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"We didn't make it to the hospital!"

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2016

In this interview, hear from first time hypnobirthing parents Ella and Jason, as they tell their inspiring story about the birth of hypnobub, Archer.

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An awesome birth story to share!!!!

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2015

I wanted to share this wonderful and inspiring birth story with you.

I received a message from Hypnobubs online course participant, Nimity. She said,

"Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

I birthed our sweet baby boy at home at 5:15am yesterday after a 3hr labour, it was amazing!

I'd prepped with your online course and found it invaluable to really relax and get into my own little sanctuary and when the time came your voice and words were so soothing.

You know the amazing part? Our son was 4.95kg (almost 11pounds!) - no tearing thanks to our wonderful midwives and controlled, relaxed breathing (thanks hypnobirthing!).

We are all so elated and thrilled to have experienced such a brilliant birth at home for baby #3 "

Hypnobubs mama, Nimity

Pretty awesome story, huh?

What difference the right mindset, support, knowledge, tools and preparation can make. ;)

I can't wait to hear YOUR awesome birth story, next!

Please keep in touch.

Melissa x

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