The labour was absolutely everything I dreamed of

Brianna's Birth Story 
I just wanted to share my amazing VBAC birth story with you.
So after having two babies and never feeling "satisfied" post birth, my husband and I decided early on that we wanted to have a positive birthing experience so we sought out a hypnobirthing course with felicity from Avocado baby.
After completing the course we listened to the tracks every night and did our birth rehearsal practice initially once a week then every second night. It was amazing and such a great way to connect and relax at the end of a busy day.
So it was decided that I was going to be induced.
So on the morning of 21.12.21 my husband and I arrived at the hospital for our induction. As soon as we entered the room he turned the lights down and we relaxed into our zone. At about 07:30 my  OB came and ruptured my membranes, we had an hour and nothing started so we decided to started the syntocin drip. I had my positive birth mantras printed out...
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I felt calm, powerful, and in control of my birth experience and I couldn't ask for any greater of a gift

3rd baby Jan 28, 2022
Rachel's Birth Story 
I just wanted to share my birth story with you all as I had a really wonderful experience with this program and the hypnobirthing technique. 
My name is Rachel and I live in the United States. My first two kids were born using the Bradley Method technique and helped me tremendously with both deliveries. In preparing this year for my third child's birth, I wanted a refresher in natural birthing techniques and have always been intrigued by hypnobirthing so I decided to find a course online. Which is how I found hypnobubs!!
I absolutely loved this course and think Melissa is just the most approachable and lovely teacher. What I've learned over the years about natural birthing techniques and mindfulness was only reinforced and deepened in these classes. I loved practicing daily mindfulness (and the peaceful naps that ensued) with the Surge of the Sea meditation. The lessons, meditations, and positive birth affirmations proved...
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I was determined to have a natural water birth

natural birth water birth Dec 01, 2021

Mercedes' Birth Story 

Greetings! I just wanted to share my birth story with the intention that you may share to help someone else.

I was induced at 41 weeks with my first child and had a vaginal birth, my second child I was told I had failure to progress and rushed to an emergency c-section at 40 weeks, my third child I wanted a VBAC and I went into natural labor at 39 weeks, however, was told once again that I had failure to progress and rushed to emergency c-section.

With my fourth child we decided to set a scheduled cesarean at 40 weeks. After 3 operations I was told that any chance of VBAC was very risky and no doctor would approve.

I did my research and started a combination of hypno birthing and practicing healthy eating and exercising habits. I was determined to have a natural water birth. After 11years from my first c-section and 4years from my scheduled, I had a natural water birth in my own home at 42 weeks pregnant. I was patient and calm and comforted by my...

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It really changed our point of view and helped us both feel empowered.

Rachel's Birth Story
We are absolutely delighted to share with you the birth of our son, Mathias, on Sept 1st.
Thanks to your help, we had a wonderful vaginal delivery without any complications and we are now very healthy and happy, leaving in Paris.
You definitely have been with us during every step as we used all your tips!
I am French, we went back to France to have our child, and here I do not have 1 friend who was better prepared than I was.
Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience, explaining to us very clearly the possible interventions, helping us to have a clear birth plan, and for being so tactful while sharing your knowledge and answering our questions. We definitely used all your tips and the exercises/ postures you showed us to prepare me ahead of labour!
We loved the way you explained the role of the partner as well, it really changed our point of view and helped us both feel empowered. You have been a blessing in our...
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We didn't feel any fear leading up to birth and I was able to go with the flow of each turn my birthing journey took

Molly's Birth Story 
I'm a first time mum and our daughter Delphine (Delphi for short) is 6 months old - about time I managed to share my Hypnobirthing story! 😂
Unfortunately my labour didn't go as I'd hoped, but hypnobirthing still helped us a lot and I look back on my birth as a very positive experience 😊 We did the online course and gave birth in a public hospital.
She was born at 39wks3days on 8th April, at 5:52am weighing 3.525kg/7.7lb and 50cm long.
When I was 39 weeks and 1 day my waters broke at 2:30am. Unfortunately I didn't start surging on my own, so at 8:30pm that night I had to go to hospital to start antibiotic IV and stayed the night on the maternity ward. Tried all the tricks in the book to get labour going but to no avail 🙁 This was quite disappointing because I was really looking forward to laboring at home and I didn't get to.
Overnight I still didn't begin surges so in the morning my fiance came back, we were moved to...
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By far the most crazy, magical and transformative experience of my entire life.

birthing ball first baby Oct 06, 2021
💕Shaylee's Birth Story
Online hypnobubs course, public hospital, first birth
Hi hypnobirthers, it feels surreal to be finally writing my very own birth story!🥺
Our son, Tommy was born 4:07am on Friday 17 September. By far the most crazy, magical and transformarive experience of my entire life.
I went into labour on my due date, having what felt like mild cramps for most of the day. Things ramped up after dinner as I started to time my surges, the app on my phone was saying 5 minutes apart and kept telling me to go to the hospital. I think I was in denial because I was so calm and didn't feel much pain at all. We decided to go to bed instead and get some rest😂 I layed down in bed for less than a minute and felt this big POP! My husband even heard it, there was water everywhere and we both went into panic mode. The pain got so intense I completely forgot everything I had learnt and was totally out of control.
We got to the hospital around 10:45pm, the...
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My crazy labour and birth could not have been such a positive experience without hypnobirthing

csection first baby forceps Aug 25, 2021
Bee's Birth Story 
Our beautiful daughter was born 6 weeks ago via emergency caesarian, at 41 weeks. At first I was so excited to share my story as it was such a positive experience for us, but as I came back to this page and read of all the wonderful hypnobirth stories I started feeling like a bit of a failure as my birth was anything but "minimal intervention". But today I thought stuff it, my crazy labour and birth could not have been such a positive experience without hypnobirthing and I wanted to show my gratitude for that!
I experienced "Failure to Progress" during labour, I have seen the term "Failure to Wait" thrown around and I think it's unfair to assume this is always the case. This was my first birth and I was going through my local Birth Centre. At 39, this was my only chance to do this with the age cut off being 40 and I was so so excited. Instead, I went through 24 hours of early labour to get to 3cm before having a stretch and sweep. 14 hours later...
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I am so proud of myself, my body, and my baby girl and thankful for the hypnobirthing experience.

epidural vbac Aug 04, 2021
Jacqueline's Birth story.
After a caserean with my 2.5 yr old daughter, I really wanted a VBAC. And I'm so happy to announce that through hypnobirthing and empowering myself with knowledge I was able to get it.
My waters broke at 2:30pm. I breathed through the surges t hone untill 6pm ad we haded into hospital listening to the tracks on the way. Once there my husband set up the defuse and music and read aloud the affirmation during surges which made a huge difference as they got stronger.
I got to 12:30am and surges had slowed down to 2 per 10mins and I was starting to struggle, I found out later I was 8cm dilated but at the time felt I couldn't keep going, so I had an epidural at 1 am and rested until 3:30 (I was feeling a bit disappointed at this time as I originally didn't want an epidural but remembered I need to go with whatever turn it takes). with a small amount of induction drug to get me fully dilated, I was Fully dilated by 3am, the epidural wore...
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We had a wonderful, positive and empowering experience thanks to this education.

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2021

Caroline's Birth Story 

I wanted to quickly share my birth story with you, we had a wonderful, positive and empowering experience thanks to this education.  

I did the Hypnobirthing course over 4 weeks in February and March this year with Renee Bradfield in Perth, Western Australia. The information in the course was fantastic and my husband and I left feeling educated and empowered to make decisions about what we wanted for the birth of our daughter.

We were all set to have a water birth at the Family Birthing Centre, a purpose-built section of the hospital for a low-risk water birth, but Olivia was overdue and we had missed the cut-off of 41 weeks and 3 days. We prepared ourselves to give birth in the main hospital suite, without the water and were a bit disappointed to have missed out but happy to take the change in our stride.

We spent nine hours in the hospital the day before I went into labour, the doctors were pushing to induce us due to concerns about how long the...

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I highly encourage you to find a good support network, do a hypnobirthing or calm birth course

stretchandsweep vbac Jul 14, 2021


Zoe's Birth Story 

Baby Willow

Feb 2021

Bunbury Hospital



Previous birth: In 2018 I was booked to be induced at 41+2 but thankfully went into labour naturally that morning at 3am. I planned to have a drug/intervention free birth with KEMH birth centre but ended up being rushed to the main hospital ending in emergency c/s. Baby was posterior and could not get in a good position. I didn’t know about 'spinning babies' & exercises that can move bub so I didn’t progress ‘quick enough’. My waters were broken after about 16 hours. There was mec in my waters so they rushed me with bells & whistles to KEMH main hospital. The pain was in unbearable!  This was so traumatic for me, being ran through a hospital on a hospital bed completely naked & losing blood everywhere! I literally wanted to die & was screaming asking for my life to end. It was such a horrible experience. Once in the main...

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