I was worried about being induced but I kept with a positive mindset

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Kate's Birth Story

Melbourne, Australia

Elodie, 2.4kg (38 weeks + 2 days) – Natural birth at hospital 

With my first birth 4 years prior I had all the pain medication possible; gas, morphine and an epidural. I felt like I had no control the entire birth, it was long and in the end I needed an episiotomy. So for my second birth, I looked into hypnobirthing and I am so glad I did.

I was induced at 38 weeks as Bubs had stopped growing. I was worried about being induced but I kept with a positive mindset. I had the balloon inserted and asked that once my waters had been broken after the balloon was taken out, to be given time to walk around to see if I could get things moving, which they did but not quite enough. So after an hour and a half of walking around, up and down stairs, bouncing on the ball, the drip was started.

Things moved quickly but I felt in control the whole time. Instead of envisioning a wave with each surge, I thought of going up a hill and as I reached the top, I knew it was time to come back down. The entire time I had my birth playlists playing and kept repeating my affirmations. I used a birth comb and a tens machine and during the transition part, I had some gas. Before I knew it, I had the urge to push and within 15 minutes I was pulling my girl up onto my chest. I have never felt more proud of myself than I did in that moment.

After the birth, I was in such a positive mindset compared to my first daughter’s birth and I believe it was because I had such an amazing birth experience and I owe that to hypnobirthing and my husband and midwives. All three of them were on board with the hypnobirthing techniques and my preferences. I felt in control the entire time and look back on it as such a beautiful experience.