The labour was absolutely everything I dreamed of

Brianna's Birth Story 
I just wanted to share my amazing VBAC birth story with you.
So after having two babies and never feeling "satisfied" post birth, my husband and I decided early on that we wanted to have a positive birthing experience so we sought out a hypnobirthing course with felicity from Avocado baby.
After completing the course we listened to the tracks every night and did our birth rehearsal practice initially once a week then every second night. It was amazing and such a great way to connect and relax at the end of a busy day.
So it was decided that I was going to be induced.
So on the morning of 21.12.21 my husband and I arrived at the hospital for our induction. As soon as we entered the room he turned the lights down and we relaxed into our zone. At about 07:30 my  OB came and ruptured my membranes, we had an hour and nothing started so we decided to started the syntocin drip. I had my positive birth mantras printed out ready to go, we turned on our labour playlist and just enjoyed the great music.
 The surges were fine to begin with I put my tens machine on and just breathed through each surge like we had practiced. My OB came back about an hour later and couldn't believe how well I was coping through the surges so he turned the drip up, the surges got more intense and my midwife helped me into some awesome positions on the birthing ball. I felt amazing and so excited. 
My ob came back at 11:30 and did an internal I was just 3cm dilated, at this point the surges were very intense and I had to really go into myself and breathe through each one. I was devastated  that things hadn't progressed, but I was so determined I got into some other positions and then about 1:30 I started to feel like I needed to push, my midwife contacted my Ob but he was in theatre, because i was having a vbac I was on the ctg monitoring and my midwife was also asking me where the "pain" was coming from. I started to get this incredible pain over my old c section scar so my ob was urgently called up and at 2:21 on 21.12.21 our beautiful baby girl Wynter was born via a successful VBAC 
I have never felt more proud of myself and my husband for our amazing teamwork throughout the labour. The labour was absolutely everything I dreamed of (if that's even a thing)  the tools we learnt in the course were incredible. Managed along with my tens machine, breathing and light touch massage, with a killer play list and affirmations. 

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