The labour was absolutely everything I dreamed of

Brianna's Birth Story 
I just wanted to share my amazing VBAC birth story with you.
So after having two babies and never feeling "satisfied" post birth, my husband and I decided early on that we wanted to have a positive birthing experience so we sought out a hypnobirthing course with felicity from Avocado baby.
After completing the course we listened to the tracks every night and did our birth rehearsal practice initially once a week then every second night. It was amazing and such a great way to connect and relax at the end of a busy day.
So it was decided that I was going to be induced.
So on the morning of 21.12.21 my husband and I arrived at the hospital for our induction. As soon as we entered the room he turned the lights down and we relaxed into our zone. At about 07:30 my  OB came and ruptured my membranes, we had an hour and nothing started so we decided to started the syntocin drip. I had my positive birth mantras printed out...
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I am so proud of myself, my body, and my baby girl and thankful for the hypnobirthing experience.

epidural vbac Aug 04, 2021
Jacqueline's Birth story.
After a caserean with my 2.5 yr old daughter, I really wanted a VBAC. And I'm so happy to announce that through hypnobirthing and empowering myself with knowledge I was able to get it.
My waters broke at 2:30pm. I breathed through the surges t hone untill 6pm ad we haded into hospital listening to the tracks on the way. Once there my husband set up the defuse and music and read aloud the affirmation during surges which made a huge difference as they got stronger.
I got to 12:30am and surges had slowed down to 2 per 10mins and I was starting to struggle, I found out later I was 8cm dilated but at the time felt I couldn't keep going, so I had an epidural at 1 am and rested until 3:30 (I was feeling a bit disappointed at this time as I originally didn't want an epidural but remembered I need to go with whatever turn it takes). with a small amount of induction drug to get me fully dilated, I was Fully dilated by 3am, the epidural wore...
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I highly encourage you to find a good support network, do a hypnobirthing or calm birth course

stretchandsweep vbac Jul 14, 2021


Zoe's Birth Story 

Baby Willow

Feb 2021

Bunbury Hospital



Previous birth: In 2018 I was booked to be induced at 41+2 but thankfully went into labour naturally that morning at 3am. I planned to have a drug/intervention free birth with KEMH birth centre but ended up being rushed to the main hospital ending in emergency c/s. Baby was posterior and could not get in a good position. I didn’t know about 'spinning babies' & exercises that can move bub so I didn’t progress ‘quick enough’. My waters were broken after about 16 hours. There was mec in my waters so they rushed me with bells & whistles to KEMH main hospital. The pain was in unbearable!  This was so traumatic for me, being ran through a hospital on a hospital bed completely naked & losing blood everywhere! I literally wanted to die & was screaming asking for my life to end. It was such a horrible experience. Once in the main...

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I was able to keep my head thanks to all the techniques I learned despite the hectic circumstances .

episiotomy vbac Nov 18, 2020
Hypnobubs birth story.
Trigger warning: my birth had a number of special circumstances which led to some instrumental help and a distressed baby. This could be traumatic to some.
I wanted to share how I used my hypnobirthing tools to help me achieve my VBAC. It's a long one so strap in!
Tuesday the 10th Nov in the morning, I felt and heard 'POP' lying in bed and jumped up. A little gush of fluid came out and continued a steady trickle. The hospital asked me to come in to confirm waters had broken as I'd had no real surges yet. I told my husband to take the day off work and we had a pretty normal morning just getting ready for the day and packing the toddler off to Gramma's.
About 2 hours from waters breaking I had my first surge. They were well spaced apart, so on confirming it was my waters, the hospital sent me home and asked me to come back in 18 hours (10pm).
I went home and just listened to music, used my breathing and visualisations,...
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I was able to completely relax between surges

vbac Aug 19, 2020

Positive Birth Experience after C-Section:

My first birth didn’t go the way I planned. I took the birth class from the hospital, read the books, listened to the podcasts. What could go wrong?? I went in for my 39 week appointment and was pretty miserable. I am a school teacher and it was getting harder and harder to work, so my Dr. mentioned an induction. I was 3-4 cm dilated and 80% effaced everything seemed to be just right for the induction to work perfectly. So on September 12, 2018 I went in for an induction. I labored all day with no pain meds. My Dr. broke my water about 6 hours in and the surges got so incredibly hard that I had to get an epidural and had almost immediate relief. After about an hour I was 9 cm dilated, and I started to feel the pain come in pretty strong. The epidural wasn’t working anymore and I was feeling all the contractions so strongly. The baby wasn’t positioned correctly and I pushed for what seemed like an eternity to no avail. I...

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"We continued to equip ourselves with knowledge and tools to navigate safely"

onlinecourse vbac Aug 05, 2020

A huge thanks to Melissa for your wonderful online course which helped to empower my husband and I to meet our second little boy via a VBAC on 22 July!

My first birth was emergency c-section after induction at 41 weeks. As first time parents we did the generic hospital antenatal classes but not a lot of extra reading and research into birth. Our philosophy was 'we have no plan' because we thought that would help us navigate any situation. Well, that was a big mistake because it also meant that we weren't well aware of our options and our choices. Overall, I still reflect on the birth as positive - we were supported by the people around us and it brought us our wonderful little boy. But, from that moment I knew that I would do things differently for my next birth!

There were a few spanners thrown in the works during this pregnancy - chasing after a toddler, corona, gestational diabetes, overdue, posterior - but we continued to equip ourselves with knowledge and tools to...

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"Every birth is a snowflake" - An Empowering VBAC Birth Story

vbac Feb 19, 2018

I just wanted to take the opportunity to share my birth story with you all after successfully giving birth via VBAC yesterday morning at 8:20am on 8th of Feb to our beautiful little girl Elaina Rosalind Carmody. 

I love Hypnobirthing mainly because it is so empowering. I hypnobirthed for my first, 2 years ago and unfortunately ended up having a C-Section but I made the best choices for me and my baby at the time. Second time around I was determined to have a natural birth so we got private health cover, chose a great doctor and headed to Perth at 38 weeks to wait for the day bubby decided to arrive. 

If anyone in Perth (or who is having their baby in Perth) wants a VBAC or just an amazing doctor I HIGHLY recommend Dr Kenneth Nathan at St John of God Mt Lawley. He was an absolute GODSEND and I’m not sure I could have made it through without him. He absolutely KNOWS HIS STUFF and inspires confidence. He was amazing support leading up to and during the birth and...

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Second Baby but First Time in Labour - A Successful VBAC Birth Story

vbac Feb 19, 2018

Hypnobub, Adeline was born via VBAC 54 hours after my membranes released spontaneously at home.

This was my first time in labour. Hubby and I went to the hospital twice during the 40-hour long early labour. In hindsight, going back home asap would have progressed things. The hospital was stressful on the 2nd visit - midwife couldn't say what the spotting meant, constant fiddling with CTG and telemetry as the discs are not made for pregnant tummies! During one contraction, the CTG trace moved from baby's heartbeat to the cord - midwife freaked that the baby's heartbeat had dropped rapidly and called an emergency team. They gave me 2 courses of antibiotics due to membranes releasing 24 hours earlier - which I later found out was unnecessary. The ob registrar was negative about my having a VBAC as a VE revealed cervix was 1cm long and 2cm dilated (to me, this was progress!). She offered me a Caesarean.

In the morning, the ob consultant sent another registrar to tell me that he...

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Our empowering VBAC birth of baby Silvy

vbac Feb 19, 2018

Just like with my previous two babies my membranes ruptured in bed at night. It was 1.30am. The baby was wriggling around a lot, and, as I had been for weeks, I was experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks. At our weekly obstetrician appointment 2 days earlier during our scan our OB had told us the baby was well engaged and he expected me to be in labour within 48 hours, he even offered an internal to check dilation, which I refused! (I don’t need to know “progress” It’ll happen when it happens!).

My OB was very pro-VBAC (we had found him for this reason) and he had me bouncing on a fit ball for weeks to get baby into a good position. My last baby was breech and when I went into labour 5 weeks early I was rail-roaded into a C-section. My husband and I were determined that things would be very different this time, and so along with enrolling in the hypnobubs course, baby positioning had been a massive focus throughout my pregnancy. (She was breech too until around...

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"It was the most amazing, enjoyable experience of my life!"

vbac Jul 20, 2017

I honestly had the best birth experience ever and am always wanting to tell somebody or whip out my birth photos haha

In my first birth we where bullied into an elective c section, at the time I was none the wiser and whilst I was so happy to have my son I was left with a huge hole in my heart for not having experienced a vaginal birth or even labour itself.

When we fell pregnant with our second son I hired an independent midwife and did the hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course and I achieved my VBAC.

It was the most amazing, enjoyable experience of my life.

I don't think I would have been able to have such an amazing experience if it hadn't been for the skills this course taught me and for the support of my IM.

The hole in my heart was healed the minute I held my son having achieved my VBAC.

I had the best birth ever!

Anna xx

Australia: To book into our hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course CLICK HERE

International: To book into our hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course ...

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