The biggest things I took from the course how informed and EMPOWERED I felt

Matilda's Birth Story

I bought the hypnobubs program and started the modules at about 28 weeks. One of the biggest things I took from the course how informed and completely EMPOWERED I felt going into my birth, due to the resources and support the course provided me.

I utilised the breathing techniques during labour as well as some visualisations.

I found birth painful and intense but mostly just exhausting, however I never once felt afraid about what was happening to my body. My partner and I felt empowered in every decision we made. There was talk of inducing me early because I was carrying a big baby. However we chose to continue to trust my baby and my body to do what they needed to do. As it turns out, my beautiful boy was born into the world at 40+1 and weighing 11 pounds of pure love.

I had an awesome labour and birth. I was labouring actively for about 6 hours, with 1 hour of pushing. The midwives were very impressed with how quick my body progressed through the whole process. I allowed them to do checks, however I denied them telling me my “progress” as I knew having a number in my head would only discourage me and I needed to trust myself to continue to work as it was made to do.

After everything I had several midwives come to see me to congratulate me and express how amazed they were. Asking what program I had been using.

They also said they were very excited for the doctors to come in and see how a woman CAN trust her own body, birth a big baby, no stitches, no hemorrhaging. And that when a woman was left to trust her instincts and her body that she COULD do what she was made for.

So I just want to thank you for hypnobubs. I will be using this for all my pregnancies. I really couldn’t have done this without it.