There was our little miracle boy!

 💙 Jack Oliver Van Woerden 💙
🗓 22 May 2021 at 10pm by c section
⚖️ 3.84kg
📏 52cm
📍KEMH, Subiaco WA
✨My Hypnobubs positive birth story (first-time mum)✨
We had trouble conceiving and tried unsuccessfully naturally for 8 months before being referred to a fertility clinic due to my age (38 at that time). After an 18 month roller coaster of emotions and 4 attempts we fell pregnant via ICSI using a frozen embryo. The tears of pain suddenly turned to tears of joy after watching so many of our friends and family fall pregnant.
I wanted to try for a water birth at KEMH Family Birth Centre but I went into this birth not at all married to my birth preferences, and fortunately, this mindset assisted me all the way through. Nothing went as planned, but it didn’t really matter in the end, as my little one arrived safe and healthy 💕
I woke up around 5am on Friday 21 May with period like cramps. I thought felt some contractions around 10 mins apart in bed. I...
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Caesarean birth of Theo!

cesarean Jan 09, 2018

I actually can’t thank you enough for the impact that the course had on my delivery. I was a very cool cucumber during the whole procedure, even when Theo had trouble breathing and I lost a lot of blood. Unfortunately he couldn’t be placed on me in theatre but we did seeding straight away which was good.

From the work I did, I knew that I/we were safe and where I needed to be.

I spent the delivery doing deep diaphragmatic breathing with my husband rubbing the touch point on my head (while standing up to watch the whole thing!)

I was anxious beforehand, but as soon as the spinal and epidural were both in, I became very calm and focused. It was amazing.

Thank you so much for allowing me to trial the online program, it truly allowed me to have the most amazing experience.

Thanks Melissa


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My Positive Caesarean Birth Story - Second Time Around

cesarean Oct 31, 2017

Penny completed our Hypnobubs™ Positive Cesarean Online Course. Here is her inspiring story...

My first baby was born 5 weeks early by emergency caesarean. I had antenatal classes booked in for the following weekend so wasn't prepared at all for the birth, nor had I even considered that I might have a cesarean. I had no idea what a caesarean entailed and didn't have time to do any research before I was wheeled into the operating theatre. It was a very traumatic experience for me which I believe impacted greatly on being able to bond with my daughter. I swore I would never have a caesarean again.

A VBAC was offered for my second pregnancy but after much consideration my partner and I decided the safest option for our second baby was by planned caesarean. A friend suggested calm birthing so I did some research and found Melissa’s online Positive Caesarean Course.

After the first module I already felt more positive and openminded about the whole experience.

The course...

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"I am prepared for whatever turn my birthing takes" Caesarean Birth Story of Baby Max

cesarean Sep 06, 2017

After watching the introductory video for the Online Hypnoubs Course – I knew that it was going to be useful.

I was fortunate to have a healthy normal pregnancy and the course – especially our visit from Nicole (our wonderful hypnobirthing practitioner) helped to allay the fears I had of child birth based upon the overwhelmingly negative stories I had been hearing all my life.

One of the affirmations I had on my bedroom wall during pregnancy was ‘my body has known what to do throughout pregnancy – it knows what to do for birth’. My husband Mark and I enjoyed using the resources and Nicole’s advice to prepare for an active Hypnobirth and when the time drew nearer we were ready.

I often fell asleep listening to the hypnobirthing tracks and I believe the message ‘I accept whatever turn my birthing takes’ became absorbed into me. Mark and I did utilise many of the hypnobirthing techniques we had learnt during the first phase of...

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"I look back at the birth as an amazing experience and I loved every second"

cesarean Jul 20, 2017

Welcome hypnobub Vincent!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your amazing online course!

As a first time mum I started the course quite early in my pregnancy, listened to my tracks regularly and made my affirmation cards.

On the day my labour started I had zero fears and was excited to see what my body could do. My husband had supported me through the course and I had full confidence he would be an amazing support.

I ended up being in labour for 25 hours, focussed and calm in a birthing pool at my local birth suite. I was pushing for 5 of those hours, feeling no need for any pain relief.

In the end I was induced after 23 hours to try to speed things up. due to some complications I then needed an emergency cesarean- something that I would usually be so upset about- but as I was prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes, I didn't let that change my focus and my little boy was born into a peaceful environment.

The staff all commented on how calm I was through the whole experience,...

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Hypnobubs helped me despite the 'curve balls' I was thrown!

cesarean Feb 08, 2017

My baby arrived on his "due date" at 12.50am on Nov 30th.

Ultimately everything that we didn't want to happen - did happen - but all I feel from my experience is happiness and positivity!

We are completely in awe of our amazing little guy and going through the entire labour process has not only shown me how amazing our bodies are, but also taught me that babies will do what they want most of the time, which usually isn't to "our plan"!

Both my husband and I watched all the videos and I used the relaxations and affirmations throughout my pregnancy. I'm a naturopath and I had a great healthy pregnancy, I enjoyed it a lot and only felt uncomfortable in the last weeks. I was always on top of my health as much as I could be and was even hiking at 33 weeks! I never had any growth scans (just the 12 weeks and 19 weeks scans) and was only seen by midwives. Fundal height always measured a week or two ahead but we weren't worried. Both my husband and I researched everything regarding...

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Hypnobirthing Prepared Me for a Positive C-Section

cesarean May 26, 2016

I'm a Hypnobubs online graduate.

We welcomed our son into the world 6 weeks ago at 39+6weeks via an elective csection as our baby measured big and I had extreme hyperpremises. The morning sickness that lasted all day till the minute his shoulders were born!
It had taken us 10 years of IVF and a long winding road of surgeries and shear despair to get to this. I was anxious in my pregnancy the whole way and Hypnobubs online course gave me the confidence that everything would work out fine and the birth that happened for us which ever way would be the right choice for me and baby.
I loved the course and it helped me choose the correct birth that our baby had decided for himself. The Hypnobubs course empowered me to ask for the birth I wanted when it was clear our baby wasn't spontaneously wanting to come out.
I was able to ask the team that I was the one to declare to the room who we had made when they lifted the baby out as we were having a surprise. We had asked for delayed cord...

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"A really positive birth despite a twist in the plot"

cesarean Jan 21, 2016

I wanted to share my birth story as it was not what I had expected and thanks to Hypnobubs we were able to have a really positive birth despite a twist in the plot.

At 1:49am Saturday 12th December, Felicity Nanette came into the world via emergency C-section.

My waters broke just before 1:30am the previous morning after I got up to go to the loo. My husband and I live 130km from town so we rang the hospital and packed our bags then headed into town. I was confused at first that I didn't seem to be having surged, thinking if your membranes released that meant you were in labour. My amazing body was working on dilating my cervix before I went into labour and I was 4cm when I started labouring around 12:30pm. I used aromatherapy, acupressure and all the other hypnobirthing tips and tricks to help my body go into labour on its own and was very glad I didn't need to be induced. At 4pm we were admitted to the hospital. I used the TENS machine to help with my discomfit and later used a...

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