I still have this overwhelming feeling of achievement and proudness

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I can’t thank you and the hypnobirthing program more.

I was strep B positive, severely in pain since 25 weeks with SPD, SRJ and sciatica issues but with the mindset of a healthy and uncomplicated healthy baby growing till 37.6 had been in and out of hospital all week with reduced movements and low amniotic sac fluid.

I had done an online hypnobirthing Australia program and zoom call with my educator feeling so ready for a better birth than last time as I was still mentally coping from it. So having all the tools to just being more mentally prepared for staying in the right headspace for what was to come with GBS and thoughts of not being able to cope with movement. I really wanted to go with my bodies rhythm than a hormonal drip.

It was 11:30pm in the birthing suite I was told I was being induced for 6am I had the strip behind my cervix to prep it for the next day and sent to bed to get some rest after half an hour of already feeling surges that was managed by a heat pack I asked if I could get some Paracetamol, the midwife checked me and said I was already 3cm and had to take the strip out as I was already progressing fast. I kept the lights off with my headphones on listening to surge of the sea and started using motion, bouncing on the ball, tens machine and my husband stayed with me through each surge using touch to ground me as they were coming fast and strong .

I continued till 2am when I got in the bath listening to calm music playlist and just hung off the edge and floated through each surge. When I lost my concentration I repeated to myself I can do this, looking at a picture of my firstborn, used my essential oils plus my husband would do the anchor touch and tell me he was proud of me.

I started to use the gas which helped me control my breathing to get back on track. I can't recall opening my eyes much, I found that if I wasn’t distracted I stayed in the zone. At 4:40 I started to feel out of control like I needed to stop or give up, I remember saying “I can’t do this” I asked to be checked and my midwife told me to get out of the bath I told her I couldn’t and that I needed to push.

I ripped my undies off in the water with only guidance of my body and mind set. I pushed once and my baby started to come out like superman with head and arm out instantly. 4:49am the next surge my midwife told me to reach down to catch and pull him out. It was the most amazing experience that my body just took over and knew exactly what to do. I still have this overwhelming feeling of achievement and proudness for my body for growing and birthing my healthy baby boy. 

Thank you for giving me the tools for a positive birth with now has led to a positive Postpartum journey. 


Photos by @furnerphotog