The breathing definitely got me through but also the positive mind training

Positive birth story.
I decided to do hypnobirthing for my second as my first birth was quite traumatic.
A bit of backstory: my first birth was an induction at 40+10. I was 2cm dilated so my waters were artificially broken and contractions came on strong, I was not prepared for that. Used the gas, had morphine and 3 failed epidurals. I could still feel everything on the left side of my body. I was crazy out of my mind and lost all control. I was stuck on my back on the bed. Birthed after 18hrs on my back. Baby got stuck with shoulder dystocia, emergency called they got her out and she was sent to special care for a few hours. She was 3.4kg (8pound 4ounce). I was disconnected and my body was a war zone. I never wanted to do that again.
Fast forward 2years and I was pregnant with a little surprise. I knew I did not want a repeat of the first birth so started practicing hypnobirthing about half way. This time I got into the midwifery group practice and knew how to advocate for myself and the birth I wanted. I was ‘classed’ as high risk due to the shoulder dystocia and did have to have a consult with the overseeing doctor who recommended I have a growth scan which I declined and also be induced at 39 weeks which I also declined. As I got closer to my guess date I did start to have a lot of fear and second guessing myself but I just kept trying to go back to practising when I had time.
My midwife was great and never pushed anything. She did however book in an induction at 40+10 again. I did have 2 sweeps 4 and 2 days before the induction to see if things would happen. And they did... at 40+9 I woke up at midnight because I’d started leaking and had some surges. I laid back in bed and started using my surge breaths and timing them for 1.5hrs before waking my husband with them at 5mins apart and my waters braking on the toilet. Got to the hospital at 3am with surges about 3mins apart. Spent the rest of the time under the shower leaning on a gym ball listening to surge of the sea on repeat. My body started pushing on its own and I moved to leaning over the back of the bed with some gas and delivered at 5:02am. She was 3.9kg (8pound 6ounce).
I was home by 10am the same morning and my recovery was amazing compared to the first time! The breathing definitely got me through but also the positive mind training and constantly reminding myself to relax my whole body!! I am beyond stoked with my experience this time and have found it just so healing.
Thank you if you made it all the way through! 

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