I was able to prepare for a very different birth experience this time round.

Hi Melissa,

My husband and I completed the online hynobirthing course prior to the birth of our second child, Arlo. We found it so incredibly useful! It was practical, informative and empowering. It helped me in particular to reflect on my previous birth experience with our first child, and because of those reflections and the course I was able to prepare for a very different birth experience this time round. 
I loved listening to the affirmations track on my walks and surge of the sea track each night before bed. From our preparations I thought we'd use the light touch massage and prompts from the cheat sheet, however once in labour I got into the zone and didn't really want anyone to interrupt me! I had asked my care provider prior to avoid any internal examinations unless necessary which also helped me stay in my zone. She was very respectful of the space and I barely noticed her doing her checks and monitoring me and the baby (I was induced so had the CTG on the whole time, but this didn't impact my zone either!).
I laboured from 7am to 12.43pm listening on repeat to the prompts for birth track. My husband's big job was to retrieve my phone from my bra and press play again each time I moaned that the track had stopped! The other thing I found useful was counting - I focused on my breathing techniques and counted my breaths during each surge. It helped my mind focus and stay riding the waves and not fighting against them. As things progressed I noticed the signs of transition because of what I had learnt from the course - my legs shook and I found myself feeling agitated and unable to find a comfortable position. Due to a 3rd degree tear in my previous birth, my care provider and I had discussed the safest positions for me to birth in. Because of my mindset I had been able to maintain, I was 100% present and although I found it physically difficult to move, I could still engage with her through this time and my baby was birthed in a controlled and calm way. It felt amazing!
The other thing I really wanted was an early discharge and to get home to our older child as quickly as possible. After arriving at the hospital at 6am, we were getting in the car to head home at 6pm. In time to introduce our sons to each other for the first time.
I am so appreciative of what this course gave us. I'm so proud of my birth and what I was capable of.

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