I manifested the birth of my dreams!

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2017

This is a story of the power of the feminine heart and body. I had a strong intention and manifestion with the birth of my second child. I had a long and intense home birth with my first daughter and wanted to have a  calm, smooth and quick labour and birth with my second. I wanted

  • 2-3 hour labour and birth
  • to be born between 11am -1pm
  • my perineum to be completely intact
  • have the support and caregivers I needed
  • have faith that my body was designed for birth

It started at 5.22am I felt liquid come out of my vaginal canal and thought this may be it. The body was 41 weeks and 5 days. I went to the toilet and felt a little more liquid come out, then about 30 minutes later my surges started really gently. I knew it was my membranes releasing as the liquid started releasing more and more and the intensity of my surges increased. I would flop my body on the wall at home.

I knew our 3 and a half-year-old daughter needed to go into childcare so we called and luckily they had a place available. I contacted my support circle and let them know to light a candle as my pre labour had started. I also contacted my midwife to let her know that I was in pre labour.

My husband took our daughter to childcare which was a 45 minute round trip, I thought I’d be able to handle it so I set the birth room. I brought in the heater, turned on the aromatherapy diffuser and starting moving on the birth ball.  By this point I was gushing from membranes releasing.

My husband had come back and I was massaging my lower back in a circular clockwise motion and asked him to do the same. This gave me relief and helped me relax. I also had the birthing track on.

A while later I asked him to call the midwife as the surges were intensifying and turn the hypnobirthing track off.

We had a private session with Melissa about the role of my birth partner and this helped for his role to be effortless and calm.

My midwife arrived and my husband started pouring water in the birth pool. I stayed on the birth ball and asked that my midwife stay out for a bit, I had a really great rhythm with my labour. When I entered the birth pool the intensity of the surges increased, what worked for me was visualising the outline of a mountain going up and coming down the outline and the feel of the water. I needed to stay in a kneeling position lying on my back was too uncomfortable.

When I got to transition it was very intense, I had to move a lot and make sounds, I shook my arms over the edge of the birth pool and shook my legs out, this helped to focus on relaxing. I started to say “I can’t do this, I want it out” several times and was grateful to my husband for in between surges saying “just rest”, rest now”. A mantra worked for me of “ body relax, face relax, jaw relax” over and over. My mid wife was so supportive and her energy was calming.

Then something came over me, I shifted my mindset and I repeated out loud “I surrender, I surrender” at this point my second midwife arrived and my support team continued to say “just breathe, just breathe” as she was crowning.

The interesting thing was that the crowning was ok, it felt like a stretch and that was it.

Beautiful and calm Sage was born at 12.44pm in 2 hours and 42 minutes hours in the birth pool, she was 4.54kg or 10lb and my perineum was all in tact and I felt great, it was an effort I felt relieved and my energy levels were great.

We also did a lotus birth with Sage and she let go of her placenta on day 5.

I started my preparation for the birth week 33 of the pregnancy, hypno birthing tracks when I slept and I listened to the course three times over, doing all the exercises, also had two private sessions with a hypnobubs practitioner via skype. I also did some internal work on any blocks I had to do with the birth and cleared this before the birth.

Thank you, Melissa for your work and online course. I truly believe that with this support and information I was able to manifest the birth I wanted.


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