"I'm so grateful for the tools this course gave me!"

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Hi Melissa,

I'd love to share my hypnobirth story, I'm so grateful for the tools this course gave me!

I had a pretty traumatic birth with my first born - induction, then the cascade of interventions leading to pethidine, epidural, vacuum delivery and episiotomy which made recovery painful for almost 2 months - the experience made me very frightened to birth again.

Needless to say, I wanted a different experience second time around! I followed a birth page that showed beautiful images of positive births and I saw they were hypnobirths and thought that's what I want to do! So I bought the Hypnobubs online course and put in all of the time and practice recommended.

I did still have a tiny bit of doubt as to whether I would be able to birth completely drug-free as I remembered my last labour so clearly still but I thought I'd give it my best shot and not be too hard on myself if I ended up getting an epidural.

I went into labour on my own at 40+3 and easily breathed through surges for the next few hours, staying in upright positions - this helped me to dilate beautifully. I had my husband and another support person who was a midwife familiar with hypnobirthing and they were both wonderful with gentle encouragement when I needed it. When we got to the hospital my husband set up the room how we wanted it and had our birth preferences on hand for the midwives.

During transition I did the classic wanting to give up and asking for an epidural but my wonderful midwives recommended a specific change in position and an accupressure massage which I did and soon after that I was delivering our beautiful daughter on all fours, feeling every incredible sensation as she crowned and entered the world.

This was the most amazing experience of my life and I'm really proud of myself for putting the time and effort in to achieve the birth I always wanted. None of this would be possible without Hypnobubs, I can't speak highly enough of it, thank you Melissa for a wonderfully put together course.
Kelly xx