Hypnobirthing was a powerful gift that guided me through a rough time - I loved EVERY moment of my birth

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2017

My baby boy Ari is now 3 months and time has slid by at an astonishing rate. It feels like yesterday I was eagerly awaiting the chance to meet him. Our day was heart stopping and I felt so proud to meet him.

I have two other children and their births were amazing but for both I experienced fear and pain and ended in epidurals and I wish I could go back and tell my younger self how to make our birthing days as easy and relaxed as Ari’s.

I had a tricky pregnancy where I was told I had lost my baby on no less than 3 occasions, admitted for observation at 34 weeks and being pressured to induce from 35 weeks on. I was a mess when I decided to look for something to give me back my power. Hypnobirthing was a powerful gift that guided me through a rough time.

So I had to have an induction at 36 weeks and was admitted into hospital the night previous to our day. My partner went home and I spent the night meditating as I was too excited to sleep much.

I was brought into the birthing suite at 5am and not long after my Scotty came and immediately set up my “Nest”. It was beautiful, he had bought in all my favourite things and set them all up in a space in the corner with LED candles. He even put my affirmations on the wall in my nest. This is the space that my baby slid quickly and without fuss into the world.

The day was filled with calm music and I was protected and loved.

My surges were met with a sense of confidence and achievement. I just felt that I was doing everything I should and my partner was holding such a loving and safe space for me that I could feel nothing but so very safe.

It was funny at one stage he left to get lunch and my surges stopped completely and didn’t return until he did. Goes to show that it’s all about safety and love. My midwife had never been involved in Hypnobirthing before and felt bound to constantly check for surges despite my partner telling them the length and intensity of the surges. She didn’t seem to believe it as I remained calm throughout the day. I steadily increased in intensity and length of my surges through the day finally going into transition at around 1.00pm and my baby boy was then born at 1.29pm.

I barely needed to breathe him out he was just ready to join us and as he was laid on my chest my heart burst for the third time in my life and I was made a mother again. I have sung praises about hypnobirthing to everyone who wants to listen it made what is probably my last birthing experience such a special time and gave me a sense of accomplishment that I never expected. I did it this time with no pain relief at all drugs or otherwise. I did it with a sintocinon drip being increased at regular intervals and I did it with love and peace.

I can truly say I loved every moment and want to thank you for developing the web based sessions so that I could access a program that allowed me to be at peace with bringing my bubba into the world.

Many thanks Shana and Scott xo

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