I didn’t even make it to the birthing suite!

My little Hypnobub - Isla Mae
This was my second baby and second hypnobirth. Whilst this was a much quicker arrival to the world, it was still just as magical thanks to hypnobirthing.
My labour commenced with regular surges 2 mins apart at midday whilst I was playing at the park with my first hypnobub. We were relaxed and had the park to ourselves so we continued to play as I breathed through the surges. After about 30 mins and the surges continuing at a regular pace, I thought it was best to head home and get ready to meet baby #2.
I phoned my partner who met us at home and we had lunch together - the last time as a family of three. I started to breathe through the surges on my birth ball while listening to calm music in the background. It was a beautiful peaceful time at home and we all waited to welcome baby. My son kissed my belly and told me it “will be ok mum” and he went off to bed. I cried when I put him to bed as I knew this was the last time I would be doing it with him the only child.
The surges continued at the same regularity but the intensity was picking up. I went and had a shower while listening to surge of the sea. I remained calm and for some unknown reason thought I would wash my hair while in the shower and even put a toner through it too 🤦🏽‍♀️
I then continued the rest of the labour at home on my birth ball. I had my tens machine on and was just in the zone. We phoned the hospital at 3pm to advise them and she said I sounded way too calm and in the early stages as I was able to have a conversation with her so no need to come in yet. Whilst I knew I was much further along then she thought, I was happy to remain home as long as possible. When my son started to wake at 4 I said to my partner it’s time to go now, we left for the hospital and as I was getting in the car I was beginning to feel the urge to breathe down. I was somewhat resisting this as I didn’t want to birth baby in the car, but thankfully it was only a short 10 min drive.
When we arrived to the hospital I was well and truely breathing down and within 10 mins of arriving I had breathed baby out while leaning over the bed in the observation ward and caught her myself on the final surge. I didn’t even make it to the birthing suite! My membranes released in hospital and the next breathe babies head (and fist) was out!
My partner didn’t have time to set up the room and atmosphere at the hospital for me as we didn’t even make it to the birthing suite, but I had my headphones in and used the hypnobirthing tracks to block out those around me and focus on meeting my baby.
The labour took us by surprise at 38weeks and was over in just 4.5hrs, I didn’t get to have the water birth I had hoped (Melb covid restrictions) but honestly, this was just as magical and the practice allowed me to accept whatever turn my birthing would take. I got to labour at home with my family, comfortable and calm and arrived at hospital just in time for meeting baby - I think it worked out just wonderful !
6 hours later I was back home starting life as a family of four. It was truely amazing and I again thank hypnobirthing for this!
I am such a massive advocate for hypnobirthing and truely hope you all have your own wonderful and magical birthing experiences.

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