Although birth didn’t go according to plan, we felt empowered in our knowledge of the birth process.

induction natural birth Apr 07, 2021
Sharing my positive birth story - even though it didn’t go according to plan!
I went into labour at 2am at 39+5. I could feel the surges getting more intense, but they weren’t getting more frequent. I stayed at home, using the shower, birthing ball, and touch techniques to manage.
After 24 hours, the surges were about four minutes apart and something in me knew we had to head to the hospital. Luckily, we’re in a small country town so the hospital was a two-minute drive away.
Once we got there, we settled into the birthing suite and I got in the shower, then the bath. Hubby set it up so it was like a sanctuary - my hypnobirthing tracks playing, lights off, electric candles on. I refused a VE as I trusted my body and thought I was heading in the right direction.
After about five hours, nothing had changed with the surges - they were still four minutes apart and no more intense. By this stage, I’d been labouring for almost 30 hours with no sleep. As much as I trusted my body to do what it’s designed to do, I was exhausted, physically and mentally. I said to my husband, “I don’t know how much longer I can do this.”
After a chat with the midwife & a VE, which showed I was 1cm with no effacement (how’s that for 30 hours work?! 😅), and bub was sitting transverse, we made the decision to have a syntocin drip put in, as well as an epidural as I simply wasn’t coping with the strength of the surges.
I kept repeating the affirmation, “I’m prepared to meet my baby, whatever path it takes.” Interventions were never in my birth map, but I knew that I couldn’t keep going the way I was. After the epidural, my mindset completely shifted, I was able to rest a little, and within four hours, I was ready to push.
There was just two midwives and my husband in the room, we were laughing and joking in between surges, and within 20 minutes of pushing, little Harrison was born, perfectly calm and happy.
The midwives told me afterwards that during the last few surges before he arrived, Harry’s heart rate was dropping, indicating he was getting tired (the feeling was mutual!), so it was confirmation that we’d made the right decisions.
Although birth didn’t go according to plan, we felt empowered in our knowledge of the birth process, as well as connected to my intuition, which gave us the confidence to bring our little man earthside.
Super thankful for the Hypnobirthing course and everything it taught us. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and honestly cannot wait to do it again.

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