I feel so healed from the hurt from my first birth!

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2018

My first daughter was born 3 1/2 years ago. Her birth was very traumatic for me, I suffered 2 seizures after her birth, leaving me with very little memories of her birth. After that, it seemed like it was one thing after another, which led to postpartum depression.

Almost 3 years later we were expecting the birth of another baby girl. I was determined not to have the same experience last time and to be able to overcome the fears I had from my previous birth. I sought out Hypnobirthing because I knew I needed something that dealt with the mental aspect. The Fear Release track was pretty emotional for me the first time I listened but really helped me in making progress to overcome some of my mental hurdles.

The day we had my daughter I had been having some Braxton Hicks and couldn't sleep. I felt a couple pops and lo and behold my water broke.
We arrived at the hospital about 2:30 am and I was having surges every once in a while, but not technically in active labour, so my midwife let me rest and left. About 2 hours later my surges were really picking up, I mentioned something to the nurse ( who was very new to labour and delivery), I'm not sure she took me very seriously because I was calm. At this point my midwife was nowhere to be seen, she had only seen me once upon entering the room. I had the nurse fill up the tub because my surges seemed to be one on top of the other. I could really feel something happening, I finally broke down and very sternly said " I need the midwife", then the nurse left to go find her.
It was just me and my husband. I was in the tub for maybe 2 minutes and my husband said that all of a sudden I had the most tranquil and serene look on my face. I can remember that exact moment because I thought my surges had stopped, I literally felt no pain, it was like something washed over me. Then all of a sudden I felt like I was going to vomit, but instead, I leaned forward instinctively and started pushing. I remember thinking to myself, it doesn't matter if my midwife/nurse are not here, woman have been pushing babies out for years and I can too! I let that thought drive me and pushed my sweet Luna out in 2 minutes into the water. The nurses and midwife came in at the very last moment and the midwife asked if I felt like I needed to push. My husband said " she is already out" and they all just stared at me blankly.
We pulled her the rest of the way out and I just sat there in the water with the blank stare on my face, because It was such shock that I did it! On top of that, is where I live you cant have a water births in the hospital, you can only labour in the tub and I've always wanted one and never thought I'd get one.
Well, guess what? I got my water birth! I'm almost glad that everyone was gone because then I wouldn't have had this amazing water birth! All total I was in labour for maybe 5 hours and pushed for 2 minutes! 
Hypnobirthing & the Hypnobubs™ Online Course has been amazing for me and I will continue to use the techniques. I feel so healed from the hurt from my first birth and this has truly been an amazing experience. I am still running on endorphins. I thank God and Hypnobirthing for this truly life-changing experience!
Hypnobubs Mum from Iowa, USA

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