A beautiful birth story from a Dad's point of view.

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

On the 18th August, our little girl arrived.

Mum had been diagnosed with preeclampsia and cholestasis. So bub was induced by our very gentle Naprotechnology obstetrician.

7 hours of active labour later, little miss arrived, without crying, busily looking around herself, staring at mum and dad, and then feeding! She had her priorities!

We used the hypnobubs audio tracks through labour, and a TENS labour machine and Gas for pain relief, much to the Midwife's surprise, as she said most people cannot cope with induction without an Epidural.

We also had a professional Doula with us, which helped a lot.

The delivery ended up being Vacuum Extraction, but Obs was so gentle, bub had no bruise on the head, and mum had no tears and no cuts, no stitches.

We were very happy we found Melissa Spilsteds course, thank you Hypnobubs, we couldn't have had such a peaceful medical birth otherwise.

Hypnobubs Dad Kent

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