I believe that because I have been able to be calm so has my baby...

Hi Melissa,
I just wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for your amazing online course. Being pregnant during a pandemic was extremely stressful until I found Hypnobirthing. I focused all my attention on the course and creating positive feelings around my birth and pregnancy. 
My husband and I did your course together which brought us closer and helped us to relax before the big day. We were both working from home so we put our affirmations up all over our apartment to create a positive space. When the big day finally arrived I felt really prepared and ready, I closed my eyes and listened to the hypnobirthing tracks. I bounced on a birth ball with my husband behind me and every time I felt a surge coming I would go floppy.
My labour and birth only took 4 hours total and I was able to reach down and receive my baby myself, the moment I felt her skin on my skin all I felt was love. 
I am still using the tracks...
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Hypnobirthing Australia enabled me to have the most amazing birthing experience, and I am forever grateful!

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for inviting me to share my birth story. After doing a bit of research I signed up to the online Hypnobirthing Australia course when I was about 26 weeks pregnant.  
I discussed the course with my partner and he was a bit sceptical at first. We watched all the online videos together and wrote down notes and questions we had for each other and for the doctors. 
We had a few bumps along the way after a few doctors were trying to push me into being induced due to the size of my baby. I definitely felt the fear factor set in and began questioning everything I had been trying to learn. Thankfully the Hypnobubs Facebook group were the most supportive bunch when I explained what was going on and so I stuck to my guns and refused the induction unless it was absolutely required. 
I went into labour spontaneously at 39 weeks. As soon as my surges began I rewatched lesson 6 - Happy Birthing day, just to try and focus on what to...
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The Hypnobubs course prepares us to make empowered decisions.

Hi all,

I'm a FTM, my beautiful baby girl is now 3.5 weeks old. I wanted to share my birth story because it turned out completely different to what I had planned or expected going in. Sorry it's a long one!)

I started feeling surges at 41 + 3 and was cautiously excited as I had an induction booked 3 days later which I was hoping to avoid. I laboured at home for 1.5 days and when I was assessed at the hospital I was only 3cm dilated. They gave me the option to go home or start an induction process with artificial rupture of membranes and then synthetic oxytocin because my surges had been irregular (baby was posterior which I was told could cause this, as well as the intense back pain I was feeling with each surge). By then I was so exhausted from surges and lack of sleep that I chose to start the induction.

After a while on the synthetic oxytocin my surges were coming with almost no rest in between, and I decided I needed an epidural in order to get through the rest of the labour...

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I was around 35weeks when I bought your course online and I loved it.

Hi Melissa, thank you for your nice email. I wrote my birth story for you. It was an amazing experience and I thank you so much  

Our second daughter Luna was born 24/6/2020 with her 3430g and 53cm.

My daughter was already overdue so I was trying to help her out a little. I was walking a lot, bouncing on the ball, having hot baths and sex. I was really relaxed the whole pregnancy and I wasn’t scared at all, I was looking forward to meeting our baby girl. When I was around 35weeks I bought your course online and I loved it. I did all of it but especially visualisations and breathing techniques made a huge difference! Thank you. I was also relaxed with the birth of my first daughter but I didn’t breathe, I hold my breath and wrinkle my face and waiting for the end of the wave. Also, I was just laying in the bed and waiting for end. That’s why my first birth took 28hours. At that time I had no idea why breathing is so important. 

Anyway, I had a positive...

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