By far the most crazy, magical and transformative experience of my entire life.

birthing ball first baby Oct 05, 2021
💕Shaylee's Birth Story
Online hypnobubs course, public hospital, first birth
Hi hypnobirthers, it feels surreal to be finally writing my very own birth story!🥺
Our son, Tommy was born 4:07am on Friday 17 September. By far the most crazy, magical and transformarive experience of my entire life.
I went into labour on my due date, having what felt like mild cramps for most of the day. Things ramped up after dinner as I started to time my surges, the app on my phone was saying 5 minutes apart and kept telling me to go to the hospital. I think I was in denial because I was so calm and didn't feel much pain at all. We decided to go to bed instead and get some rest😂 I layed down in bed for less than a minute and felt this big POP! My husband even heard it, there was water everywhere and we both went into panic mode. The pain got so intense I completely forgot everything I had learnt and was totally out of control.
We got to the hospital around 10:45pm, the...
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My crazy labour and birth could not have been such a positive experience without hypnobirthing

csection first baby forceps Aug 24, 2021
Bee's Birth Story 
Our beautiful daughter was born 6 weeks ago via emergency caesarian, at 41 weeks. At first I was so excited to share my story as it was such a positive experience for us, but as I came back to this page and read of all the wonderful hypnobirth stories I started feeling like a bit of a failure as my birth was anything but "minimal intervention". But today I thought stuff it, my crazy labour and birth could not have been such a positive experience without hypnobirthing and I wanted to show my gratitude for that!
I experienced "Failure to Progress" during labour, I have seen the term "Failure to Wait" thrown around and I think it's unfair to assume this is always the case. This was my first birth and I was going through my local Birth Centre. At 39, this was my only chance to do this with the age cut off being 40 and I was so so excited. Instead, I went through 24 hours of early labour to get to 3cm before having a stretch and sweep. 14 hours later...
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There was our little miracle boy!

 💙 Jack Oliver Van Woerden 💙
🗓 22 May 2021 at 10pm by c section
⚖️ 3.84kg
📏 52cm
📍KEMH, Subiaco WA
✨My Hypnobubs positive birth story (first-time mum)✨
We had trouble conceiving and tried unsuccessfully naturally for 8 months before being referred to a fertility clinic due to my age (38 at that time). After an 18 month roller coaster of emotions and 4 attempts we fell pregnant via ICSI using a frozen embryo. The tears of pain suddenly turned to tears of joy after watching so many of our friends and family fall pregnant.
I wanted to try for a water birth at KEMH Family Birth Centre but I went into this birth not at all married to my birth preferences, and fortunately, this mindset assisted me all the way through. Nothing went as planned, but it didn’t really matter in the end, as my little one arrived safe and healthy 💕
I woke up around 5am on Friday 21 May with period like cramps. I thought felt some contractions around 10 mins apart in bed. I...
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I was bearing down and I started to do what I felt was right and when I needed to push.

Wednesday 05/08/2020
4.2kg (9lbs 2oz)
41+4 after S&S
4 hours active labour - first baby
No pain relief - Hypnobirth
Delivered at Birth Centre at RBWH 
2nd degree tear

I had a stretch and sweep performed by my midwife on Tuesday (day before he was born at 41+3). As expected, I was experiencing some period type dull cramps that entire day. By 11pm I was feeling something a lot stronger. They were about 2 minutes apart but nothing too intense. I called my midwife and she said considering I am still able to talk through them she would like me to wait until they are a lot more intense. During these early labour surges I felt as though I needed to poop and vomit and the same time so I spent most of my time on the toilet. I ended up going back to bed around 3am and that’s when my surges completely slowed down to an inconsistent 7-12 minutes apart lasting about 45 seconds which allowed me to rest until about 5.30am.

I continued to labour leaning over...

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