It was incredibly informative and helped both me and my husband to feel informed about our choice

My name is Kate and I completed your hypnobirthing class online via zoom. 

It was incredibly informative and helped both me and my husband to feel informed about our choice and calm as the birth was approaching.

We had some reduced movement leading up to the birth and turned down two requests to have an induction as we wanted to give our little babe time to come on her own.
By the 3rd time we had been in, the doctor was strongly advising that we considered an induction. We went home and emailed our hypnobirthing practitioner for advice and decided we would book the induction.

We went into hospital to get induced and after two days of trying naturally bubs wasn’t coming so it was suggested that we have a c-section. At this time I was exhausted and was overwhelmed with emotions. The midwife was amazing and helped me to calm down. I went and discussed the options with my husband and mum, my two wonderful birth partners, and we decided that we wanted what was best for bub.


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I listened to the affirmations for birthing track on repeat.

caesarean Mar 17, 2021
Finally ready to post my story... baby Daphne born 18/2/21 - due date was 19/2/21.
First baby I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 40+3, induced that afternoon and went through 12 hours labour before ending in emergency Caesar. I had an epidural because the pain of the induction drip was too strong, got to 6cm but then deemed a failure to progress and baby was born in the theatre. I was extremely traumatised by the process, had done hypnobirth course online and not been prepared for the interventions.
Baby #2 Daphne - difficult pregnancy with an umbilical hernia and gestational diabetes. I was healthy throughout the pregnancy with diet and walking as that’s all I could do for exercise. I started acupuncture at 38 weeks to try and encourage natural spontaneous labour. I had sessions every 3 days and afterwards, I had some contractions that would ease off by morning and then come irregularly through the following days. At 39+5 I had more regular contractions...
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As a FTM, I had no idea what to expect with the surges, but it was much easier than I expected

caesarean Aug 26, 2020

 Cian Barry Harris Mitchell
 Born 8th August 2020 (40+11)
 4.58kg (10lb 2 oz)

We had planned (or more so hoped) for a natural drug free birth. Our doctor had been trying to get us to induce at 39 weeks due to bub measuring in the 99th percentile at 36 week scans. We refused and tried to push on for a natural birth. Our hospital allows us to go through till 10 days past due, so we thought we had plenty of time to try and get bubs to come on his own. From 38 weeks, we tried everything to get him moving along, nothing worked.

At our 41 week midwife appointment, as a last ditch effort, we tried an S&S, my cervix was so closed that it couldn't even be attempted, I was told my external cervix was at about 1cm dilated. So at this stage, we were booked in to start the induction process at 9 days over due. The plan was to go in over night, attempt the gel and if that didn't work, waters to be released the next morning and then the drip started after.

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My birth went unexpectedly but it was beautiful

caesarean Apr 01, 2019
Thank you for the Hypnobubs™ Online Course. I have always been terrible with pain and would not self describe as 'heroic'. I had many reservations about having a cesarean and feared the recovery process. We completed the course online, which was great as we needed module flexibly due to work schedules.
We had a beautiful home birth planned, and like many people ended up with our baby coming out the way she wanted instead.  I went into active labour around 7.30am after a night of early labour surges. The midwives came to the home after lunch and I was able to get in the pool. I transitioned some time in the early evening.
During labour and pushing, I had strong lower back discomfort. After a few hours of pushing the baby was still not progressing as far down as we would have liked. We did an internal and confirmed I was fully dilated. Unfortunately, her head had not turned and she was posterior. We tried pushing her the right way but she stayed put. It was at...
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