"We have two hypnobirthing converts here!"

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2016

I would like to thank you for your course, I have now had 3 children naturally and it was only with my third birth that I finally decided to seek help as I was not happy with my previous experiences.

My husband was very sceptical and I had a melt down when he told me he didn't see how it could help, as he was speaking my fears, but I have now made him a believer :)

He couldn't believe how calm I was with my third birth and although I cant say it was painless and far from easy,  the breathing techniques and practice gave me a way to handle the pain.

I shocked the poor midwives and my husband when I had her in the shower (leaning over a birthing ball). I didn't realize she was coming till her head was coming out and they only just had time to put their gloves on and catch her; my husband almost had to!

Afterwards my husband kept telling me how calm I was and he was so proud of me. We have two hypnobirthing converts here. :)
I had a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte.

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