I had an impressively quick birthing experience, considering it was my first!

gas natural birth Dec 15, 2020

Hey there Melissa,

I had an impressively quick birthing experience, considering it was my first!
My surges started at around 8:30am 23rd November being regular at 5 minutes apart and lasting a minute as soon as they came on.
We went to my obstetrician appointment at 9:30am and told him I was in labour, so we popped over to the hospital to check in with one of the midwives. Because I was a week over due, I was hooked up onto the CTG machine to check bub was ok and to see my contractions. 
We left the hospital to go home again, only to be there for 45 minutes before my waters broke! By the time we got back to the hospital, my surges had become a lot more intense and within 15 minutes I was in the water bath (~1:15pm)
The midwives were absolutely amazing, keeping the bathroom dimly lit, hushed voices and only whispering affirmations to me to help me as the surges got more frequent and more intense.
I had gas and air (only 30%) to keep the edge off and to help me regulate my breathing. Unfortunately, the only midwife qualified for water births was booked in to arrive in Manjimup later in the evening and with the birth going so quickly, we had to let the water out the bath for the bub's birth. 
At 4:15pm, Elsie Louise came into this world, surrounded by an amazing team of midwives and my husband was by my side the whole time, and even cut the cord! It was such a surreal experience and to be able to listen to my body, and to allow it to do what it needs, was incredible. Holding onto our new daughter in an empty bath with towels tucked around me, was something I'll never forget!
The hypnobirthing course saved me from so much stress about the whole experience, I was seriously terrified before I did the course. 
I've attached a few pictures of little Elsie, she was a perfect 3115g and 52cm, I couldn't believe how quickly she came!
Thank you so much for putting this course together, it's a god send!
Faye, Adam and Elsie

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