"Our health care professionals assumed that I was not yet in established labour as I was so calm"

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2016
Hi Melissa,
I gave birth to my first child 3 weeks ago and we took your online hypnobirthing course as a friend recommended the course.  The online forum was great for us as we weren't available at any of the face-to-face course times. We were able to watch the lessons in our own time and it gave us the flexibility to watch lessons again if we needed. The resources and downloads were easy to access and save and they were very useful to supplement the information in the lessons.  
One of the biggest advantages of taking the Hypnobubs course for me were the positive affirmations. Before taking the course I imagined my worst case scenario birth stories. I figured that if I got off better then that was a bonus. After taking the course I started to think more positively about my birth and to picture a calm and positive birth story where I was at peace with whatever path the birth took. This was a very positive thing for me and the reality of the birth was much better than any of the worst case scenarios that I had imagined! 
The strategies that I learned during the hypnobirthing course allowed me to stay calm and cope really well with early labour. I knew exactly when it was time to go to the hospital but my partner and even our health care professionals assumed that I was not yet in established labour as I was so calm. Everyone was surprised when I was 4cm dilated when we arrived at the hospital. 
I hope that this feedback is helpful. We are very grateful for you sharing your knowledge. The course was also great for my partner as it gave him plenty of tools to help me through the birth. It also gave him confidence to support me and advocate for our choices with our health care professionals.
Kind Regards,

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