"I feel really prepared and positive for my birth"

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2016

Really fantastic online course. Your positive enthusiasm, authenticity and openness really shines through and is appreciated. I really hope lots of people find it and use it. I have told all the pregnant ladies I know about it and they seem keen too, so I hope they sign up! Really good informative information, tips and very helpful. Good to have a lot of ‘tools’ available to use.

I feel really prepared and positive for my birth (I am at 39 weeks and 1 day now… so baby will be coming soon…). I have everything printed out ready to go, practising daily, relaxing daily (especially now that I have finished work yesterday) and I have a handful of natural items such as shells, gumleaves, gumnuts and rocks from nature that I am taking with me, with the music, aromatherapy, affirmation posters etc, I feel really ready. No doubt that doing this course has made me think a bit of ensuring I personalise my space at the hospital and make it comfortable for me. It has also given me more confidence/guidance on decision making and ensuring my birth preferences are clear, to me and my birth partner.

I definitely think the course is value for money. Especially when comparing the online course with the face to face courses, this is a cost effective alternative, for people that like this way of learning, or don’t have time (like me I left it too late) to do the face to face.

I am really happy that I did the course. I was positive beforehand but feel even more confident and happy now, knowing I have done all I can to ensure I have a positive, happy, calm, relaxing birth and I am really excited about seeing bub soon!



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