"I believe my 'tool kit' got me through it" Home Birth After Caesarean HBAC VBAC

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2016

We have received this beautiful video that documents the journey of hypnobubs mama, Verlie and her family; from a traumatic first birth with their son... to their second very positive birth. They made different choices in care (HBAC Home Birth After Cesarean) and prepared for this birth using the hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course. I think you will agree from the video, they did indeed have a very positive and empowering birth experience.  

Hi everyone. I had a very traumatic birth with my son and had an unnecessary Caesarean. It took a lot to have another baby, but it was a wonderful pregnancy being cared for by an Independent Midwife. She suggested Hypnobirthing and we opted for the Hypnobubs Online Course as my husband is FIFO.

When the time came everything I had learned really did help. I had a 21hr active posterior labour and I believe my 'tool kit' got me through it and ultimately birth my baby girl into water at home. Thank you Melissa.

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