"Hypnobirthing helped me to surpass everything with serenity and to accept the setbacks"

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2017

Hypnobubs Mama from Portugal Writes About Her Positive Birth Experience!


I was the mother of a girl on the 26th of August and I started the Hypnobubs with 34 weeks. I had already had a first birth that was nothing I expected so that I was determined to make it different.

Here in Portugal induce deliveries at 41 weeks. For the second time I reached 41 weeks but I decided to wait another few days.

The delivery was eventually induced in the same but the Hypnobirthing helped
me to surpass everything with serenity and to accept the setbacks.

In the end, although it took a while, I had the best experience I could imagine. I have already recommended the course in a chronicle in a newspaper where I write. I'm just sorry I did not know about the course earlier!


Click on the Image below to read the full article posted in a local Portuguese Newspaper with english translation.

Marta was also supported by Hypnobubs™ Portuguese speaking Practitioner, Carin Pires (Contact us for further details).



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