Hypnobirthing really kept me focused during the whole birth.

gas tearing Jan 26, 2021
Hi everyone, 
Happy to announce the birth of Spencer Jay Willis 23-11-2020.
I completed the Online Hypnobirthing Australia Course at around 34 weeks while my husband and I were on our Babymoon in Terrigal. Just in time for the early arrival of Spencer as I was 35 + 6. 
I finished work on Saturday and went to a family BBQ on Sunday. In the morning I threw up and felt mild surges all day. I was fussy, uncomfortable and wanted just to be home. Reflecting back I believe I was in pre-labour. When we got home Sunday night I had a bath with some bath salts and slept in the couch for 6 hours.
My waters broke at 5am Monday 23rd Nov. I think my husband and I were in disbelief it was happening so soon as he labeled it ‘incontinence’ .
Surges kicked in soon after and I called my mum and the hospital. I had not even prepped a hospital bag yet (planning to do this today my first day of mat leave hah). I took I phone charger, two pairs of undies and we were off.
When we got to the hospital at 7am I had more fluid come out getting out of the car. I was taken to an examination room. The midwife checked my waters again, this time expelling a title wave of amniotic fluid. It even went on the trainee midwives phone. I was left to rest and see if I would start to dilate soon.
I was taken to the labour ward at around 3pm. I started the hypnobirth techniques here. We had calm relaxing music playing as I breathed through my early surges. I remember being very present, not scared and let my body take over.
Labour started around 6pm where I was 2-3 cm dialated. Things started to pick up from here. I migrated from the bed, to shower and toilet seat. Just kept breathing, rocking and closing my eyes to focus on my present body. At 7:40 I was 6cm dialated and at 8pm reached 9cm.
I got the urge to push at 8pm and was in second stage labour for 50 minutes. I was given some gas to get me through but apparently it was on low. Bitting down on the mouth piece helped haha! I had mild muscle tearing that has healed well. I will never forget that sudden drop and feeling the urge to push. My midwife Katy and husband kept me empowered and in-charge through the whole experience.
Spencer Jay Willis was delivered naturally into the world at 8:50pm. Hypnobirthing really kept me focused during the whole birth. I was able to breathe through the pain and am proud I got to experience the full nature of birth and the absolute limit our bodies can go to. I found the whole experience uplifting, rewarding and empowering.
I still get teary whenever I hear Spencer’s birth song. It’s the song we played while I was breathing through contractions. Music has that amazing ability to take you right back to a special time in your life. 
We are so In love with our Son. He is 2 months old today.

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