ALL subsequent babes will be Hypnobubs and I can't wait to do it again!

Hi Melissa, 

I would love to begin by saying - THANK YOU! It has been 7 wonderful months since we welcomed our firstborn, Natalie, into the world via a natural and surreal hypnobirth.
It is quite funny looking back on that night. We arrived at the hospital and I was in my 'hypnobirthing zone' feeling relaxed and in control. Upon arrival, the midwife had incorrectly fit the monitor to my belly by accident and my contractions were not registering. Because I was also handling each surge so well and breathing through my labour, it seemed like they were a bit doubtful that I actually was in labour at all!
Luckily, my husband had been with me every step of the course and was my point of contact and biggest advocate throughout the entire process. He assured them that I WAS experiencing contractions and set about preparing the room to ensure I was able to keep in a state of calm and achieve the hypnobirth that I wanted.
At one point I finally asked to know how dilated I was. After only 2 hours sleep, I was tired and considering an epidural! However, I was already 8cm so I kept going with my breathing. Within 15-20 minutes (and before my OB could arrive) I was delivering our baby girl.
I think we were much talked about amongst the midwives. "First labour, only 5 hours and she didn't even actively push! She just breathed her baby out" I heard one say to another just outside our delivery room. Hah! My husband STILL raves to anyone who will listen about our birth. He says he is so glad I came across this course and decided to pursue it. Whilst I credit myself for the work I put into the process, I honestly could not have achieved the same positive experience without the guidance and incredible content within the course, the positive Hypnobirthing community and the way in which Hypnobirthing also empowers our birth partners!
ALL subsequent babes will be Hypnobubs and I can't wait to do it again!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Warm Regards,

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