I feel so empowered by the experience and feel so grateful I can tell my story from a positive place.

natural birth Aug 20, 2019

Dear Melissa,

I wanted to send you a note to say thank you. My husband Tom and I completed your online Hypnobirthing course throughout our pregnancy and the information and skills we developed helped immensely with the birth of our little girl Queenie who arrived on July 25, 3 weeks early at the Mater Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

I can honestly say Hypnobirthing contributed to us having the most positive and incredible birth. My husband was an incredible coach and support throughout the entire labour and my mum was a fantastic back massager :)

I feel so empowered by the experience and feel so grateful I can tell my story from a positive place. A story so different from all the negative and fearful accounts I had been exposed to in the last 9 months and most of my life, to be honest!

The Hypnobirthing course allowed me to go into the experience with a completely different perspective and mindset and one I feel which allowed it to transpire the way it did.

I handled the surges and bearing down better than I could ever have imagined which contributed to a completely natural birth (with only a bit of gas to help me through some of the more intense surges!) and no stitches!

We had lavender incense burning, the lights down, meditation music playing and our lotus flower pictures placed strategically around the room :) One of the midwives even commented that she had never seen pictures like them on the walls before! I ended up being the only person to have had a natural birth in the entire ward whilst I was there. Our midwife and OB were amazing and we will never forget them.

We are home now and Queenie is a dream besides a few sleepless nights but I honestly cannot complain. The whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I will forever be grateful.

I've kept my folder in a special spot with all your notes ready for our next birth :)

Thank you again Melissa, so so much.



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